Here just a some of my students & friends 😉 and what they have to say after our sessions and/or connection:

“Arya led a power hour at our South London Girl Tribe Gang and she was fab! Extremely motivating and focused. If you need to kick yourself in to gear, Arya is your woman! Thanks again Arya, Sarah.”

Sarah Howat – Leader of the GTG South London.

“It’s all very well knowing what you should be doing, but putting that into practice is a different matter entirely. Sessions with Arya allow you to take a step back and spend time on the bigger picture, while making you accountable and pointing out habits and triggers you hadn’t thought about.”  

Sally Lane – Jewellery designer, Strong yet feminine. blond woman red lips black jumper

“Arya is wise enough to know her mission in this universe and brave enough to follow it with reckless abandon. Arya is passionate, fearless, wise, and has an unrelenting fire in her soul that lights up everything she does. I’m proud to call Arya a friend, colleague, and a constant source of inspiration to get … Continue reading Josh Bolding – Vivolife co-founder

Josh Bolding – Vivolife co-founder

“Coaching with Arya made a huge difference to the way I managed my thoughts and my time. I am grateful for the questions she asked during the coaching sessions to both get to know me and my needs better, but also to provoke me to reflect on where I am in terms of my perspective … Continue reading Lesley Nelson-Addy – Teacher, Researcher & Leader.

Lesley Nelson-Addy – Teacher, Researcher & Leader.

“Although quietly confident with my abilities, there’s always been something holding me back to take my career up to the next level. Arya introduced me to a completely new way of thinking and allowed me to break through some personal barriers. She also helped me put in place some positive next steps to start making changes.”  

Media Executive (he prefers to keep his name anonymous). business man with big watch in suit

“Working with Arya has challenged me more than I had anticipated but I could not be happier that she reached out to me. She has allowed me to be able to look into my emotions and thoughts to see what is holding me back and has been a positive light not only to my business, … Continue reading Catherine Wishart – Personal trainer & Massage Therapist.

Catherine Wishart – Personal trainer & Massage Therapist.

“Arya has really helped me organise my mind, work and my schedule. She has taught me how to utilise time effectively and identified areas in my life that can be improved like timekeeping and scheduling my plans months at a time. Honestly I don’t know where I’d be without her!”

Hannah Olateju – Lifestyle blogger, Quad amputee living life to the fullest, Body positive, World traveller.

“Arya Badia came to do our power hour at the Girl Tribe Gang meet up in North London last month. The woman is fierce and full of confidence. She introduced herself and then got everyone involved to discuss their businesses. The women all loved her and felt very inspired by her strong and empowering speech … Continue reading Nathalie Errandonea-Mewes – N-RG Barrebody Founder & GTG North London Tribe Boss

Nathalie Errandonea-Mewes – N-RG Barrebody Founder & GTG North London Tribe Boss




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