“Coaching with Arya made a huge difference to the way I managed my thoughts and my time. I am grateful for the questions she asked during the coaching sessions to both get to know me and my needs better, but also to provoke me to reflect on where I am in terms of my perspective on my potential and my abilities.

Arya really helped me to walk in the belief that nothing is impossible with good planning and focus. I also really appreciated the effort Arya put in to reach out to me and give me support during the week by finding out how I was managing the weekly goals I had set.

As a result of one month’s coaching, I have been able to face and overcome fears; consistently plan my time effectively and complete a book that I look forward to publishing soon. I am grateful for Arya’s time and tenacity during the coaching experience! Thank you so much Arya for steadily helping me to develop a confidence in my ability to reach my goals!

Lesley Nelson-Addy – Teacher, Researcher & Leader.