How to define love for yourself.

I have read this a few times “love starts within” and I couldn’t grasp what it really meant.

Let’s leave aside the word/concept of love, will write an article with my thoughts on that topic a bit later.


But what does that statement mean? If you have parts of yourself that need attention and healing you will attract people in your life who will act in ways that will push all your buttons until you decide once and for all to check your inner world.

Self love has to be a discipline, self love is not half ass makeup, get a personal trainer, buy new clothes or change your habits. Self love is facing the “good”* and the “ugly”* and being ok with it. 

*who decides what is good and what is right for you? who decides what is good and what is ugly? 

The only way to see another person truly is by being true to yourself, then you can understand what someone else might be going through. But most important, you start to comprehend why you do the things you do, why some things happen the way they do and you gain your power back, day by day, little by little.


If we expect someone else to fix us, we are doomed. 

If we expect someone else to complete us, we are insane. 

If we expect someone else to give us the love we want, we are being dishonest. 

If we expect from others what we are not willing to give to ourselves we are settling for less than we deserve and signing a contract with pain. Over and over again. 

Love must start in our core, being selfish with our time and space, with our company.

Love yourself so deeply that you don’t care anymore about what other people might think, you speak your truth, even when it hurts.


Love yourself so deeply that you embrace both light and dark and allow yourself to experience life in your own terms.

Love yourself so much that you invest in your wellbeing first and foremost, that you explore your depths through meditation and test the external world to conquer your fears.

Love yourself so much that you question your taboos and beliefs daily and make the adjustments you want to get the experiences that you want to live.

Love yourself so much that you go for what you want. Classy but, RUTHLESSLY! 

Love is a concept. And it all starts in how you see yourself!


You are worthy of love and belonging.

But first of all, do you belong to yourself?

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