How to grow from change.

Move to a new city! Seriously 😉

When I moved to London I knew that I wanted to build a company, I had no clue about business and what it really meant but I knew what I wanted to learn and all my intentions where towards that goal.


Moving to a new country can be scary but I had traveled around the world, mostly solo for almost a year and a half and I have siblings here so that made things a bit easier.

But the challenges are what makes us grow and I had to figure out ways of living here while finding my way, from house sitting to sharing flat with friends and family, sleeping in a mattress on the floor, to working in the food to go section of a health store, to walking 40 minutes to take the train in the snow at 4am to sleep 5 hours and workout and eat rice and beans, all for the dream.


Some might have had it harder, it doesn’t matter, we all face challenges in this life, we all have our battles to win and our lessons to learn, what matters here is the proof that if you want something and your are stubborn enough to follow that call you will find a way to make it happen no matter the struggle.

Victim mentality is one where you get angry, annoyed and pissed off when things don’t go your way.


I used to hate this in others and one day I learned that I had been doing the same, nagging, whining, crying and complaining like a mediocre person would do and that’s what great people teach us, you whip your tears and stand up again no matter what happens.

Acknowledging the power within is knowing that even when things don’t go according to your plan there is a bigger plan and everything is going perfectly according to that plan.

Moving to a new country is the best learning experience you can gift to yourself.


It took me a year to feel like I am living in London and I know I have only seen a small glimpse of what the city can give.

You will only get as far as your beliefs. You want a different reality? Challenge your beliefs and question why you have been doing things the way you are doing them.

Jump! Take risks! Do things your way because if you never try you will never know if it works for you or not.


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