The #1 obstacle I faced when starting my business was…

The #1 obstacle I faced when starting my business was…believing in myself enough to know that I could really do this thing called my own business and stopping procrastination. 

Can you relate to the overwhelming feeling of entering the unknown world of having your own business?: 

  • Will I be delivering a good enough service?
  • Will this work?
  • Will people even buy?
  • How do I ask for money for something that comes so natural to me?
  • What if they say no?
  • Do I have enough experience to take this risk?
  • I don’t know anything about business, how am I going to make this work?
  • How do I find my clients?
  • How will I tell them to buy from me?
  • Why is so difficult to make money?
  • Why am I always frustrated?
  • Will I always be busy and never have time for the things that matter to me?
  • What if I succeed and this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life?
  • Where do I start?
  • What happens if I make a mistake?
  • Will I be able to I leave my full time job?

The more you look for answers in books, blogs and other people’s experiences the worst it gets, anxiety takes over and leaves you completely paralysed full of FEAR.

Are you afraid of THINKING BIG?

Do you think being successful means being stressed, busy and not having time for the things you like the most and the people you love? 

Everything takes you to the same frustrating question:

“What are they doing that I am not to make this business a success?”

Last year I was stuck. I had been trying different businesses for years, going to seminars, reading books and blogs, asking people for opinion, until I decided it was time for a change and decided to ask for an expert’s help.

The only thing that has consistently helped is personalised advice on my exact situation from someone that has been there before me.

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you exactly what to do. 

Over the last year I have been offering 1:1 coaching sessions to entrepreneurs, like you and me, who struggle with the same fears, blocks and mindset limitations I once did too.


Here some of the disciplines that are helping them overcome their blocks, among others:

  1. Meditation: it brings clarity and helps you stay grounded when things go different than expected.
  2. Prioritising tasks and have tos, must dos: our endless to do lists can improve our lives if we simplify, focus and prioritise by blocking tasks with deadlines and outsourcing.
  3. Being selfish and putting themselves first at the beginning of their to do list.

Simply by choosing our personal wellbeing before any social commitment relieves the stress and helps us focus in what matters for our business, our lives and overall success.

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward.