How to define your “perfection”.


There is no box, you are confined only by the walls you set for yourself and I am more and more aware of all the conditioning and limitations that only because I am a woman I am carrying with me and breaking through those walls is my mission. 

You know what’s perfect for me? 

Facing challenges and growing stronger from them, embracing change and allowing myself to make mistakes and learn from them. 

If you want to be perfect you will be your whole life chasing something that’s not real but in that chasing you will grow and become an amazing being capable of leaving a legacy for the world. 

Progress not perfection they say. For me it’s the hunger of perfection what keeps me going.


For some the concept of perfection will be stressful, for others it will be like fuel, burning the wheels and pushing them to new levels of life.  

Be bold enough to find your voice and follow that, whatever it takes, it’s your life in the end. And remember that it’s all a matter of perception, if you stop wishing to please others and instead focus on pleasing your self, your reality will start to change. 

Commit to that and your life story will be a whole different one. 


We might never reach it but we will give our all at least and make it. 


  • challenge yourself to something new every now and then, I recommend every week is a good start .
  • face a fear and see that actually it was all in your head.
  • be honest with yourself and recognise when you set a goal and failed to complete it, try again and know that you can do whatever you set mind to.
  • accept your imperfections and realise that some traits can be improved and others make you YOU.
  • take a deep breath and continue moving forward!

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How to stop being a people pleaser.

We are taught to be nice, kind, compassionate, caring, nurturing and all those glossy and sugarcoated traditions.

We aren’t meant to be noisy, loud or stand out too much, no good man will like you if you are overdoing, if you are over sexy, if you go for what you want. You are bossy and you intimidate men! 

We have been told that powerful women intimidate men our whole life. WAKE UP! We are not here to please anybody but us and that’s the biggest service we can give to the world!


Fuck being nice for a day! Do whatever you want! Risk making others angry and don’t care! SAY NO when you mean it!

Saying no and having an attitude is different. Saying no means you are being true to yourself and you are choosing yourself before anybody else. 

Some call it selfish, I call it self love! 


Learning to say no when it’s hard is when you really win. Saying no means you will piss off people but if you keep on pleasing people you won’t get far. 

This goes to every time we feel something in our stomach telling us not to go one way and we still go that way.

All those times when we know we have let someone else decide our moves we are giving our power away. And later we have the courage to blame others!

Where we are in life is product of the choices we made in the past and if we keep looking back and thinking that we could have done something different instead of using every experience as a steeping stone for our future we are already dead.

I have heard them all, I used to have many of this excuses in me. WHAT IF?










Being nice means you will put others before you choose yourself and yes, some of you might be married, with kids, divorced, lost, unemployed…name it…well, there is always a way out…if you are willing to put in the work, know yourself and make the right moves now.

Being nice with others and then faking being nice with ourselves when what we need is a kick in the ass…that’s lame!


Do you want to get somewhere? Go out there and make it! 

Do you want to live a life worth watching when you are about to leave this planet? Go out there and go for it! 


Why are we nice? Because we want others to love us, to approve us, to say: wow you are so nice! So great! So amazing! 

We look for constant approval instead of playing the game, life is playing it on us.

We allow others to decide when and where, how and what.

Without questioning.

Without taking the step back to question ourselves, our actions, our reality, our situation.

Then we go to therapy, we blame our parents, our environment, we blame our bad choices, our mistakes, if in the past I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be where I am right now!


Every journey is different, every single life is different, every person is different, every story has to be different and you are where you are right now, life is pushing your buttons the way it is right now, for you, YES YOU! To act accordingly.


There are few steps in gaining control over your life and every story is different, this may resonate with some and it may hit others so hard that they will hate it, so be it.

Gaining control over your life is understanding that this game was made for us to become stronger and wiser, standing up challenge after challenge and building a mind muscle to lead our lives with the joy and freedom we deserve. 

Being nice means you are part of the pack, those who are really nice don’t follow the crowd, they do them, they do their thing, they are nice when they want and when they don’t feel like it they are just them, true and authentic, if it hurts someone’s ego they don’t bother, they don’t fight battles that aren’t worth their time, they build their empires and walk their path.

Being nice means you will sacrifice your life for others and there is no bigger disservice than being so nice that you find yourself at 80 years old thinking what the fuck did I do, where did all that time go, where is everybody now? All those big favours that you did? Gone! Under water.

You are nice with yourself, in the mirror, owning your personality, being hard, becoming stronger, and then projecting that energy into the world, that’s how you inspire!



This is life, this isn’t a test or a Disney movie. This is the harsh reality and we better step up and own it or remain the same and blame our environment for not being who we dream to be.


Someone asks you a favour and you are not in the mood? Say no, with a smile, no excuses and no explanations, don’t justify your no. Just say NO and that’s a complete sentence.

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To be continued next Tuesday…;) 

How to increase your confidence.

Life is a game, it all starts in your mind, it all starts within.

The results you are getting in the outside world are a mirror of your mindset. When you hear “stretch your mind” means let your walls down, admit that you might be mistaken and that there might be other ways of getting what you want.

What we get is usually tied to what we think we deserve, how we see ourselves is what we are getting from the world.

If you think you don’t deserve more that mediocre results in any level of your life, that’s what you will get.

When you upgrade your confidence and actually see that you can become whatever you want then life will transform for you and your experience will be enriched by more and more pleasant situations and new people who will bring new energies.

And it all starts within, it all starts by accepting the reflection in the mirror.


Facing our reflection is facing our fears, seeing how we have been living by what others may think, comparing our bodies with others, deciding our self worth based on someone else’s standards, instead of accepting ourselves we are placing our value in the hands of others.

We might have smaller boobs, bigger booty, smaller or bigger waist…whatever! Everything is possible, you change your mindset, you love yourself enough to wake up and take action towards a more healthy way of living, you hit the gym hard and build a body you are proud of!


But nothing outside you can give you the confidence you need. First love your body how it looks now and then do the changes you want, surround yourself with people who will push you to the next level, model them, get inspired and become who you really are.

Try this and walk the street with confidence, no headphones, and you will see what happens 😉 

We take little time of the day to really see ourselves and when we do is through the lenses of others, comparing our progress with the lives of others.

Take a deep breath!

YOU ARE EXACTLY where you are meant to be! 



YOU ARE doing this! 



Do you want more success in your career? Go for it! 

Do you want a different life? Go create it! 

Do you want more money? Go make it! 

Do you want love? Go love yourself! 

Do you want passionate sex? Make love to yourself until you are exhausted! 

That body you are not loving enough is the temple of your soul, it will reflect your mindset and your self projection. 

You are here to evolve, no rush, time is yours and you deserve this time for you.

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To be continued…next Tuesday 😉 

How to define love for yourself.

I have read this a few times “love starts within” and I couldn’t grasp what it really meant.

Let’s leave aside the word/concept of love, will write an article with my thoughts on that topic a bit later.


But what does that statement mean? If you have parts of yourself that need attention and healing you will attract people in your life who will act in ways that will push all your buttons until you decide once and for all to check your inner world.

Self love has to be a discipline, self love is not half ass makeup, get a personal trainer, buy new clothes or change your habits. Self love is facing the “good”* and the “ugly”* and being ok with it. 

*who decides what is good and what is right for you? who decides what is good and what is ugly? 

The only way to see another person truly is by being true to yourself, then you can understand what someone else might be going through. But most important, you start to comprehend why you do the things you do, why some things happen the way they do and you gain your power back, day by day, little by little.


If we expect someone else to fix us, we are doomed. 

If we expect someone else to complete us, we are insane. 

If we expect someone else to give us the love we want, we are being dishonest. 

If we expect from others what we are not willing to give to ourselves we are settling for less than we deserve and signing a contract with pain. Over and over again. 

Love must start in our core, being selfish with our time and space, with our company.

Love yourself so deeply that you don’t care anymore about what other people might think, you speak your truth, even when it hurts.


Love yourself so deeply that you embrace both light and dark and allow yourself to experience life in your own terms.

Love yourself so much that you invest in your wellbeing first and foremost, that you explore your depths through meditation and test the external world to conquer your fears.

Love yourself so much that you question your taboos and beliefs daily and make the adjustments you want to get the experiences that you want to live.

Love yourself so much that you go for what you want. Classy but, RUTHLESSLY! 

Love is a concept. And it all starts in how you see yourself!


You are worthy of love and belonging.

But first of all, do you belong to yourself?

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How to THINK your own thoughts.

Step out of your comfort zone and think by yourself, test your fears and choose what makes you feel more excited

You are already more aware of your thoughts and paying more attention to the world around you.

Re-gaining your power is more about understanding that the game is you, you are the player, everything outside you is only guiding you towards that next level.


Today the challenge is taking time for yourself, allowing yourself to be the first thought in your mind and the first person you think about when making a decision.

No fucks given! For real! 


You have a dream, you are working towards it, you know what you want and YOU KNOW what you need to do to breakthrough.

Step I:

Start transforming your reality by changing something from your routine, something that scares you: cancel a meeting, take time for you to enjoy a longer lunch or gym session, leave earlier from work, go out and have dinner with someone or on your own. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, this game is yours and yours to win and play. 

What is scaring you the most? 

If you continue behaving like a slave you will continue in that mindset and nothing will change, you know that to grow you must push through the fears that come floating up: your boss might get annoyed, you will miss an opportunity of growth in your career, you will miss what?

Nothing will happen, this small act of rebellion is a clear statement to the Universe that you are committed to growing your mental strength, that you are capable of taking decisions on your own, you have a plan and that plan is following your passions wherever they take you.

I have learned that in life you give and you receive, you take and you deliver, but most of the times you realise that those in power are selfish and you have to learn to own your space, to stand up for yourself. 

It doesn’t matter if you are going to continue working in that environment or if you are looking for ways to open a new business, launch a company or whatever.

This mindset will help you gain the confidence you need to ask for what’s yours. That pay rise, to set your boundaries, to say no when you mean it, to say yes to yourself more often, you are allowing your desires to flow, you are allowing your personality to shine, by realising that actually nothing happens and it’s all in your head. If you truly believe that you deserved that extra time for you to do whatever the f*** you wanted, absolutely nothing outside you will stop you from that. 


I did the test myself, first I wanted to be super radical and not go to work during a whole day but then out of fear I reduced the amount of hours, I was even more productive than a full shift day, I knew I was in control of my results, I was trading my time for money, yes, but I was training my mind to have the confidence to break the rules and walk outside of the office building almost 3 hours before my shift finished.

I have a huge adaptability to change, overtime I have developed the skill of knowing what’s the next best move for my development.

But it wasn’t always this way, once I had so much fear of calling to work and saying that I was sick and wouldn’t come again that literally my inner kid was terrified imagining their reaction, they would get mad at me, I wouldn’t be able to walk into that store ever again. I was literally sitting in a corner telling my sister how scared I was and she obviously was surprised, the fear was rooted deep inside and by stepping up and letting go of a work that was killing me I gained confidence.

Embracing the unknown is what we do really every day, but we are numbed by all this routines and apparent obligations. 

Step II: 

Today is the day you decide for yourself, you take again the control of your day and ASK YOURSELF:



The signs will be in and out, you will know what to do but you are still scared.

It’s ok.

Take a small step.

How you want your life to look like?

Is what you are doing today bringing you anywhere closer to that goal?

What could you do to get one step closer? 

Decide what will be your next action to take and start writing down a plan.

It can be as crazy as you want!


Vision boards are an amazing tool for this, you see the clear vision of how you want your life to look like and one day if you look back you will be amazed of the power of your mind.

You can have it all!

Find books, courses, seminars, groups, anything that will help you develop the skills necessary to reach the next level of your life. 

Step III:

Getting out of your comfort zone means getting out of your head, trying new things, new ways of behaving, testing yourself and the world around you. 

Use whatever you have in hand, forget about what others may think and focus in doing everything for you.

You want to learn dance? Go, sign up! Be ridiculous, observe your thoughts, see how hard you are on yourself, how you judge yourself when you don’t know one move, see how you think others might be doing it better, see how instead of being listening to the teacher you are listening to that voice in your head saying that you are not good enough.

Well, you are learning!

Engrave this in your head: You are learning as you go. Be patient, let those thoughts be, let them float, laugh at them, laugh at yourself for being so hard and let it go. 

Laugh. Literally. Smile and laugh. You will see the energy releasing your body. And take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and walk like you mean it.

Another thing that you MUST COMPREHEND IS that everyone is human.

Step IV: 

Humanise people, humanise men, humanise women, humanise your idols, humanise the bloggers, humanise every single person, everyone around you, humanise your boss, humanise your colleagues, nobody’s perfect, everyone has insecurities, fears, is going through hardships and is battling some kind of inner struggle. 

Humanising others around you will kill the fear of interaction and will leave you more relaxed when walking the world. 

By observing people we can read them and see through the facades of confidence, we can see the emotions, we can sense what’s going on in their heads. And that makes them human.

Recap of the day: 

  • try something new;
  • break your routine and take time for yourself ;
  • face the fear of making someone else angry or annoyed; 
  • embrace that consequences and own them;
  • give yourself the time you give to others so easily;
  • question if what you are doing is taking you closer to where you want to go? and
  • write down a plan or create a vision board for the life of your dreams!

Today must have been intense, take a long shower, rest, breath and listen to your favourite music.

Observe how all those terrible situations didn’t happen and that whatever happened you where more in control because you didn’t care, you felt free of your mind restrains.

If you need to do repeat this day over again because you were too scared to break your rules, it’s ok but don’t allow it more than 3 days because then you will reinforce the belief that your life is out of your control.


Take these exercises as an experiment for your own personal growth, to take control over the world around you, to raise to your top, to climb that mountain in front of your eyes, inside your head. 

To win this game you have to question absolutely everything, don’t take my words for truth, test them, question them and question your ways, your thoughts, your fears, question why you react and why you act the way you do. 

For the next exercise be prepared to play your game, flirt if you like, own your body, enjoy being alive, the next day will start by worshipping your image in the mirror.


You have to gain control over your mind and that it’s also gaining control over the reflection in the mirror. 

To be continued…next Tuesday 😉

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Dream BIG


They say we must dream big and the thing is when we dream big but not as big as we could, our minds are limited by years of conditioning.

They say: be a dreamer!

The world is full of dreamers! We are all dreaming with something, the difference is those who make their dreams come true and those who remain in the dreaming phase. 


Dreaming is amazing but you can do that while sleeping. Making things happen and walking the walk is what makes the difference. 

Me? I am never satisfied, I know I can do better and I know I am exactly where I have to be to get where I want.

Dream big, yes, write down a plan, 3, 5, 10 years plan, see your life in the future and imagine how you would like it to be, create a vision board, Pinterest is amazing for this, you can look for whatever you want, be crazy, dream massively, and know that you will always dream small even though you might think you are dreaming big because the more you grow the bigger the dreams get and it’s a lifelong journey.

Dream big yes, break down the dream into smart goals and commit to 2 or 3 so you can celebrate your victories.


Focus, choose, decide, prioritise and conquer. 

Dream big, multiply it 10 x times and allow the Universe to serve it.

And embrace the fact that every person has a different perception and definition of success and every one is free to choose what suits them better, respect that and let people live their lives while you make your choices.

No need to prove anything to anyone or to convince anyone of your truth! Simply embody it and enjoy the ride! 


My tips? 

  • I have a vision board on Pinterest where I can add more and more pictures of the experiences that I want to live and check it anytime anywhere.
  • I created a vision board and hang it in my room.
  • I focus on 2 or 3 goals at a time.
  • I design my life focusing in the experiences I want to live more than in how much money I want to make, I decided the lifestyle I want to enjoy and the person I want to become.
  • I work on myself, read self development books and challenge and question my beliefs.
  • I celebrate my victories but I am never satisfied, always awake.
  • I ask myself everyday why do I the things I do. My reason why is selfish. I do this for myself to myself.
  • BE SELFISH! Once you get where you want then share and give hands to others, your journey is your legacy.
  • I may have fallen a thousand times but what makes me successful is that I always find a way up again.


What are your tips to design a life that makes you happy?

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How your words create your reality.

Are we still alive? 


Let’s keep working then!

Beliefs are simply thoughts that if repeated enough times they become imprinted in our subconscious and we allow them to guide our actions; beliefs shape our reality and when we take control of them our world starts to shift. 


How you speak about yourself, the energy you put in your words, what type of words do you use, are you energised and motivated or are you catastrophic and fearful, are you judgemental and victimised or are you listening more than speaking?

Observe how you answer to people, why do you reply the way you do and observe what image you portrait of yourself. 

Are you feeling entitled to all the abundance or do you feel deep inside that things won’t end up going the way you want in the end so why bother trying? 

That’s a belief, that’s a belief that you have reinforced during your life thinking that when things didn’t go your way is because you made mistakes and made the wrong moves. That’s a strong belief that must be changed from today if you want to make it happen as big as you talk.

There are no mistakes and there is no wrong path because ABSOLUTELY everything that happened to you and EVERY SINGLE CHOICE YOU MADE was placed there to make you the person you are today! 

Life has many layers, we want to be successful at work, find our perfect partner, live the life of our dreams, have perfect health, a joyful social life, we want to launch a business that leaves a legacy, be the perfect leader, travel the world, free from debt, have billions in the bank and find our purpose.

Ok, one by one, my advice?

Start with you! 



Decide what you want, if you want a serious relationship state it out loud, if you want to reach your fitness goals make a commitment, if you want to move to another country start researching, if you want to launch and idea, start now. If you think that those amazing things that other people seem to be living aren’t for you REMEMBER THAT THAT’S ONLY A BELIEF! 

To make anything happen you have to believe you deserve it and you will be able to do that through building confidence.

How do you build confidence? 

By taking action! DAILY! 

Annalise all those things that you think are missing from your life: money, relationships, fun, travels, health, fulfillment?

Why are you doing this to yourself and making your soul live in such despair?

True confidence comes when we take control and responsibility for our life, when we forgive ourselves for not knowing before what we know now and when we reframe those past actions by comprehending that the journey is taking us towards our ascension no matter what, there are no right or wrong paths and that’s why you are changing your life just by reading these posts. 


When starting this journey you will feel the desire to share it with others, you will think: why nobody else is doing it, why this hasn’t been taught in schools? Why people are not doing something else with their lives but gossiping and complaining?


Every journey is different and all those external inputs are for you to react, you shouldn’t bother, they are guiding your internal light, when you feel disgust or discomfort towards something, remove yourself from the scene, walk away, if you stay is because you are still wired with the mediocrity of those unenlightened.

Your service here is to become your best self not to tell others how they should be living their life. 

WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ANYWAY? When you are basically learning to walk right now? 

Keep this to yourself, work on yourself for yourself, daily, and allow the Universe to align you with those in your same vibration.

Learn through meditation how to discern, what’s right for you and what’s not. Choose your wellbeing no matter what.

To be continued next Tuesday…;) 

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