How to raise above opinion.

STOP looking for external validation!

We all want our dreams to come true and sometimes they don’t because of our fear of other people, reputation, ambition, things we think we owe to others, promises we make, contracts, basically again is our fear of failing, our thoughts are blocking us from taking action towards everything that could make us happier. 

True recognition only comes and it’s satisfying when you are following your heart.


We live thinking our life should look one way or another and usually it’s determined by our surroundings, the people we hang with and the experiences we had, but the world is infinite and there are tones of experiences for you to enjoy, thousands of chances and millions of choices you can make.

What if everything you are doing is based on BS rules? 



“True hard work is more about expanding your consciousness, stretching your mind and becoming that which you already are.” 

When we are about to jump or we have a strong desire inside us to try something new, we tend to ask those around us, is this good, what do you think?

Let me tell you something, they are human just like you and they might not be the best advisors for many reasons, either they aren’t in the industry you want to work on or they gave up on their dreams sooner and they are bitter, or they simply have hidden interest in you staying where you are.

There are few rules really valuable in life and the first one would be:


No-one is going to give you anything, you have to do your work, your thing, and find the opportunities, take them, create them and follow through with them.

Stop wanting to save the world and save yourself! That’s how you truly free the world!

Do you think a champion is worrying about others? He or she plays the game, there is a team, there are rules but only one to win! And only one number one! And usually the one to win is the one breaking the rules!

I have been in this position of waiting for something or someone to give me a sign to move on and do something I really wanted, and there is no better time than now.

If we dwell in the past we miss the present moment, where the wisdom lies, where we are more alive, where we have all the tools in our hand to start over and over again.

Every day is a new opportunity and it’s easy to fall in the trap of fearing the unknown, once you start feeling comfortable in a situation I dare you to do something to shake that comfort otherwise you will get stagnant and when life hits you in the face you will be surprised instead of ready and prepared for the worst.

True self confidence is built, is built day by day doing things that scare you. I can see myself holding me back with fear of making a ridicule.

So, the other day, I am walking down the street, there is a man in suit, he is handsome and good looking and he is attracted to me, I can smell his perfume behind me and a thought crosses my mind: tell him! Let him know that you like the perfume! And what did I do? I shrank in fear, even though I didn’t know him and more possibly I would even never ever see him again, thousand fearful thoughts came to my head in a second and I froze, I could feel my body change.



True self confidence is being aware of these moments and finding ways of putting yourself out there and challenge those beliefs. Because what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Let’s get to work!

Observe how you judge yourself compared to other people, how you judge others, how you take one way or another, how you go to a cafe or another, how you move around the world, what do you think when something annoys you, what do you do when someone annoys you, what does annoy you, and observe the constant chatter in your head.

Observe how you walk, where are your hands, how you position your feet, where do you look, do you let your eyes connect with other people or you avoid them?

Observe what you think of yourself when you see someone attractive and when someone attractive looks at you.

Observe and listen, listen as the observant, try not to judge, you will think you are crazy but you are not, simply observe and allow those thoughts to float.

Do something out of the normal, break your own routine, your own rules, break them! 

Change where you go to eat, be late for a meeting, be late to work, feel that fear and do it anyway! Whatever it is that makes you feel uncertain and uncomfortable, choose whatever will give you the same amount of excitement and fear. 

Remember when you were a kid and you went with your friends to smoke or just hang around instead of attending Greek class? If you didn’t, well, you should now then, because life is to be played.

You see that inner kid inside you, fearful of the consequences? Or it’s excited to break the rules a bit and feel the freedom of choice?



You know what happens here?

You start feeling what freedom is, it’s not the fact of being in the street walking without duties, freedom is the ability to make those choices that are best for us when we feel and know that they are the best for us. 

And freedom is not giving a f* about what others may think. 

To be continued…next Tuesday! 😉 

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How to kick fear in the ass.

So, there I am, standing in a crowded room, owning my movements, walking around, observing, people are having fun and I am enjoying the fact that I entered the room on my own, knowing nobody and with a challenge in my head, starting a conversation with a stranger and breaking the barrier of doing a massive ridicule.

Head high, I attract glances, inside I have my power bursting but of course I am learning to walk and there are still remnants of conditioning freezing me and blocking my way towards my goal.

I observe my thoughts, with compassion, this is a test, I am growing, it’s all good but I am not satisfied, I failed miserably, interacted with some people but not the ones I wanted to reach out.


The list could go on but to start, because they might be better dressed than me, hotter, surrounded by people, smarter, men, seemed unapproachable.

And you know what, this is all BS because there’s is absolutely no rule written that says that you can’t approach someone and say whatever the f** you want, just flow and interact. I was holding myself back and seeing it so clear just made realise how ignorance is keeping myself away from living my life in my own terms.


We are scared because we fear being told we aren’t perfect and the thing is what we believe we become and walking through life with this baggage is settling for an average life.

Stop blaming others and take responsability for your life and design your destiny! 

Life is about becoming who we truly are, free from the conditioning, interacting with whoever we want because nobody’s is bigger than us, we are all just playing the game. 

You know what’s fear? Caring about what others may think, worrying about others getting angry with you, trying to please others. That’s the root of all fear! Wanting everyone to like us and freezing because if we break the rules we are going to be judged. 

That’s why we don’t take risks, we don’t change, we stay the same, inside a mental box.

What are you scared of and what are you going to do to challenge that fear?

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How to be great in this life.

What makes the difference between great and mediocre people is that those who aim for greatness have a growth mindset and comprehend that this life is nothing but a game, there are some rules to be followed and some others for us to create. That challenges are the doors to new levels of consciousness and placing the blame on others gives our power away. 

Today I want you to sit down, take a piece of paper, a pen, play some music and start writing down all those who have harmed you, every person and interaction that took you out of your nerves in the last 24 hours and every single thing that is making you be angry, annoyed or distracting you from doing the things you would like to be doing.

Be honest, write the names and the situations. And then get out of the scene, get out of your own head and read the paper again.

Who is actually holding you back? 

Your mum? Your dad? Your family? Your wife? Your husband? That lover? Your ex? That man in the street who annoyed you when trying to talk to you and you refused because he wasn’t your type? Your boss? That girl who looked at you with cross eyes in the dance class? 

Who is really holding you back? 

NO (fucking) body! 

You are holding yourself back because in the pursue of perfection you start comparing yourself with others and even before starting to walk a new path you are already talking yourself out, out of fear, freezing in fear.


We need to crash ego, we need to dismount all the walls and that guarded character you have created to protect yourself from the world, that persona is blocking you from receiving the abundance and experiences you long for. 

Clean and tidy your room or house.

Fake a move and think, what would you keep if you were moving house? Keep only what’s truly necessary. After tiding everything and throwing, giving away, selling everything that you feel is not mandatory, start the process.

This may sound silly but having the discipline to keep the house clean and tidy, the bed done in the morning, to keep the space empty of unnecessary mess helps the mind be in a better state.

These 3 exercises MUST be done daily:


  1. In your room or somewhere where you are comfortable, start meditating, at least 10 minutes daily.  You can use apps like Headpsace but actually you can find your own method, listen to some music, focus on your breathing and learn, train your observant mind to see thoughts as clouds.
  2. Ask yourself why you do the things you do, why you live the way you live, why you take the actions you take, why are you the way you are, who are you blaming, who are you mirroring, where is the deep belief freezing you, where is the wound, stay there, don’t run! I repeat, it’s super important that you face the fear and the emotions, they will be nasty and horribly painful but they are also blocking your growth and expansion. Stay there, embrace them and then let go. Absolutely anything painful that you might remember happened in the past and that’s something that on one hadn’t it cannot be changed and on the other, without it you wouldn’t be where you are right now and you wouldn’t have the chance to awaken to the next level of your life with the same strength.
  3. Forgive yourself for not knowing before what you know now, forgive yourself because with what you know now you would never do the things that you carry so heavily on your shoulders. Forgive yourself for not seeing that those mountains where simply to climb them, you have to let go of the guilt, shame and fear. You have to forgive you and all those who hurt you in the past. You don’t need to send emails or texts to any of them, you can do it if you want but be ready to receive a negative answer, not everyone will be doing the work and you still have to learn. It’s not about them, it’s about you, about you giving yourself permission to live life how you always dreamed of.
  4. Ask yourself every day: who am I?  You will see the ego answer with your job, career, name, age, country etc etc dig deeper! You are consciousness playing a role, you are the Universe, you are the answer. You can be whatever you want the minute you decide you can. Believe it!


  1. Introduce more vegetables in your diet.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Find an exercise that you like. If you already do something then introduce something new, challenge your body and your mind, get out of your comfort zone and try yoga, crossfit, dance, aerobic, spinning, ballet, barre, pilates…whatever, or even try them all and then go back to the one you like most and be consistent for 21 days.
  4. Do your bed every single morning. This little habit builds up the confidence of getting things right after waking up.
  5. Reduce the amount of TV you watch, the movies, social media, Youtube videos, magazines, press and any other source of negativity or things that could push your buttons and bring you back to a helpless state of mind. If you need to start avoiding places and people, don’t doubt and cut them off. New energies will come to your life to enrich your experience.


  1. You know that blog you always you say you are going to write? Open it! And create DAILY!
  2. You know that brand you keep telling about to your friends and anyone who wants to listen? Start doing something about it! DAILY!
  3. You know that travel you want so badly to do? Start planning for it! And move forward! DAILY!
  4. You know all those goals you set and write on your diary? Take 2 and make a commitment to follow through no matter what! DAILY!


Be consistent in your progress and no matter how painful, REMEMBER: you are amazing, you deserve to thrive, you came here to shine, you are loved, you are supported and you don’t need anyone or anything from outside to validate your choices or your decisions! 


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How to take control (back) of your life.

If you are waiting for someone to hand you the success you seek you must be delusional. 

If you believe that you can have absolutely everything that you can imagine then you are delusional and you are right. 

How do you wake up? Embrace the pain because the pain is showing you where you need to take action, be present, get out of your head, switch off the music, leave the phone on the table and go out to the street, yes, right now, and observe, observe people.

We live the majority of our lives in our heads. Get out of your stream of thoughts and observe the reality you are creating. Always worrying about what others may think of you.

Why. Do. You. Care?

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 23.21.07.png

Evaluate your life!

Where are you going? 

What do you want? 

Who are you and who are you becoming? 

Are you satisfied? 

Are you happy? 

Are you proud? 

Are you hungry or simply following the sheep pack and climbing up a never-ending ladder? 

Are you truly following your heart or trying to fill in a void with new addictions?

Now you will look up and think, who? me?

I am not this person! I am successful, I am powerful, I am doing what I want!

Are you?

What would happen if you walked out from your work today because you have decided that today you deserve a day off, to walk in the park, put your mind in place and re think your strategy?

What would happen if you decided to move to another country and start all over?

The bills, the mortgage, the flat, what are they going to say, family, friends…bla bla bla…bloody excuses! 

You know what?

You know that dream you have in your heart and that you are allowing that little voice to silence? That’s fear wining the battle over love, the love of self.


Because it’s easier to blame others than to step out of the confort zone and face the truth. 

Fear of true commitment, fear of abandonment, fear of death, fear of feeling vulnerable, fear of her heart being broken again, fear of missing a chance, fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, fear of asking for too much, fear of being too hard to get, fear of being too difficult, fear. 

IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND GROW UP! No more blaming others for our circumstances! 


To be continued next Tuesday…:)

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How to prevent “burn-out”.

We live in a fast paced world, filling our days with to do lists and sleeping 5 to 6 hours because when you are chasing your dreams you know that time matters and time flies.

But let me tell you something, these last couple of days maybe because of the hour change or maybe because I am sleeping 5 hours per day while working out, a full time job and my own projects…I got confused, made mistakes in my social media updates, basically thought it was Tuesday when it was Wednesday and felt I was floating and getting sick.


So today I decided to sleep until my body said enough is enough. Life will continue spinning round, the world will still be out there and my results will be positively rewarded if I am in a better state of mind than if I am pushing beyond my limits every single second of the day.

Go for what you want ruthlessly, chase those dreams and make things happen, breakthrough your mental barriers and challenge yourself to get out of the box because there is no box!

To do that you have to be in peak performance level and it’s all in the mind, if your mind is right everything else follows.


Make sure you are taking care of your inner world and the outside world will be easier to conquer.

So at least once a week allow your body to rest and recover fully, to enjoy the pleasure of a cozy bed and the sun rays shining through the window while you refuse to leave the blankets because they feel sooooo dammm good over your skin.

And you will see how you kill it in the gym after, how your work results show a more clear and present you, how your confidence boosts and life feels more like the adventure it actually is than the never-ending must have, must do that it can become if we loose our connection.


My tips are:

  • opening the window as soon as I wake up to let the fresh air in
  • do my bed
  • drink a full glass of water
  • shower
  • meditation
  • gym or yoga (shower again lol)
  • breakfast
  • set 3 intentions for the day

After this the day starts with social media posts, mail updates, follow ups and engaging with the people around me but first things first and before anything else I must love myself to the core.

Life is about choices, being healthy is a choice, not drinking alcohol is a choice, not smoking is a choice, eating vegan is a choice, having healthy boundaries is a choice, treating your body as a temple is a choice, keeping your space and mind clean is a choice, taking care of your body and sexuality is a choice, being you is a choice.

What are you choosing today?

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 



How to improve your mindset.

When you think about your life do you act or do you react?

When things don’t go your way do you see opportunity for growth or feel like everything is against you?

When everything goes right do you feel lucky or you know that it was you who attracted all the good things in your life?


What if I told you that you are exactly where you are meant to be, there is absolutely nothing that you could have done in the past to change your present.

All of it, the good and the bad, every single detail was meant to grow you into the amazing being you are becoming today and where you are heading is all in your hands.

When we leave our lives in the hands of external forces we are leaving our power in the hands of others.


When we connect with our higher selves and leave the Universe to guide our path then synchronicity takes over and people, books and signs appear non stop.

But, did you know that the signs are there all day every day, inside you? That voice deep down longing for you to listen, that voice calling you to dance, to write, to move to another country, to tell that person you like them, that voice telling you to take leaps of faith, that voice asking you to follow your heart. That’s who you truly are.

Your inner voice will only take you to your highest evolution, there is no fear, only fun experiences and the flow of a life that is being created from your inside and projected to the outside world.


How to connect?

Meditate. Meditate and face all those fears, face your past, embrace the pain, face the feelings you are pushing away, face the shame, the guilt and the regret. You are not there anymore, you aren’t guilty, you are meant to suffer in the now for something that it’s not even real anymore. Cry, wash your tears and grow up! 

Meditate, find your way of breathing, sit how you feel more comfortable, face the ugliest parts of you and question every single thing, why you feel the way you feel, why you are closed in a box, all the taboos, why you are limiting your being from fulfilling the dreams one day you thought to be possible.

Devote 20 minutes of your day, wake up earlier if you need to, or before bed. Those 20 minutes are for you to clear the space in your head, to break for once and for all the walls that are holding you back.


Take a month to start, be patient, it takes time, is a discipline, it will get better and better, you will have to learn to make the difference between what’s the ego and what’s your inner pilot light. Don’t be hard on yourself, cry, scream, break something if you need to. You should be angry for holding yourself back but be compassionate, embrace and forgive yourself. And day by day you will see the blooming of your true self bursting from every pore of your skin and touching the souls of others.

Take action, make a plan and make things happen!

And please, before going out there trying to save the world. Save yourself! That’s the real way to help! 

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward.