How to increase your confidence.

Life is a game, it all starts in your mind, it all starts within.

The results you are getting in the outside world are a mirror of your mindset. When you hear “stretch your mind” means let your walls down, admit that you might be mistaken and that there might be other ways of getting what you want.

What we get is usually tied to what we think we deserve, how we see ourselves is what we are getting from the world.

If you think you don’t deserve more that mediocre results in any level of your life, that’s what you will get.

When you upgrade your confidence and actually see that you can become whatever you want then life will transform for you and your experience will be enriched by more and more pleasant situations and new people who will bring new energies.

And it all starts within, it all starts by accepting the reflection in the mirror.


Facing our reflection is facing our fears, seeing how we have been living by what others may think, comparing our bodies with others, deciding our self worth based on someone else’s standards, instead of accepting ourselves we are placing our value in the hands of others.

We might have smaller boobs, bigger booty, smaller or bigger waist…whatever! Everything is possible, you change your mindset, you love yourself enough to wake up and take action towards a more healthy way of living, you hit the gym hard and build a body you are proud of!


But nothing outside you can give you the confidence you need. First love your body how it looks now and then do the changes you want, surround yourself with people who will push you to the next level, model them, get inspired and become who you really are.

Try this and walk the street with confidence, no headphones, and you will see what happens 😉 

We take little time of the day to really see ourselves and when we do is through the lenses of others, comparing our progress with the lives of others.

Take a deep breath!

YOU ARE EXACTLY where you are meant to be! 



YOU ARE doing this! 



Do you want more success in your career? Go for it! 

Do you want a different life? Go create it! 

Do you want more money? Go make it! 

Do you want love? Go love yourself! 

Do you want passionate sex? Make love to yourself until you are exhausted! 

That body you are not loving enough is the temple of your soul, it will reflect your mindset and your self projection. 

You are here to evolve, no rush, time is yours and you deserve this time for you.

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 



To be continued…next Tuesday 😉 

10 self love tips

Self love can’t live in us half way, self love is loving ourselves fully and it takes the courage of diving deep and owning the lies we are telling ourselves.

Self love can’t be faked, you must love every wrinkle and tummy rolls, small boobs or whatever that it is you are trying to hide or you are not loving in yourself.

Fake self love is when you allow the exterior to determine your value, when if you don’t receive flattering comments or you get rejected then you crumble and crush because your confidence is tied to external validation.


The beauty industry, fashion and fitness is built around this. Women like to be adored, we are born to be worshiped but for that to happen we must, and I say again MUST, worship ourselves before.

Facing the mirror, naked, without makeup, without posing, without facing your best angle, raw, as you are and working every day to love every inch of that body, that’s what we women must be doing daily until the full acceptance of our temple shines through and from every pore of our skin.

I love makeup, I love dressing up, I love fancy clothes and feeling like a Queen but true beauty comes from the knowing of our flaws and being ok with them.

I agree with cosmetic surgery, high heels and sexy clothes. All of it is part of the fun of being a woman and I enjoy it. But it can’t be a fix for something that it’s lacking inside.

This is my project this month of March and let me tell you, it’s hard, but I know that if I do the work and build up the discipline of facing the parts I like less something will grow from the inside out.

There is power in waking up and looking to yourself in the eye, admitting that you might not look your best but the fire in your eyes is something to admire because, hey girl! You made it till here! Overcoming obstacles, inner demons, fears and life challenges that at some point seemed impossible to climb. 


Be proud! Honor yourself! Don’t run! Don’t hide! Don’t punish yourself for not being were you would like to be and work on yourself because this is a journey to become who you are! 

My 10 self love tips?

  • knowing my body type, finding someone who inspires me to reach my fitness goals and keep pushing in the gym.
  • learning about eating habits.
  • facing my reflection in the mirror because I am more than my body.
  • never settling for less than what I want, setting goals and committing to make things happen.
  • detoxing myself from habits, people, places, situations, that lower my vibration.
  • meditation.
  • drinking loads of water.
  • going for what I want.
  • understanding that life is a journey and rushing it won’t get me anywhere sooner, patience.
  • there are no mistakes, I always win because every experience is moving me forward to the next better experience for my growth and providing me with clarity and more tools to keep rising, inner strength.

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward.