Before ARYA BADIA became a social media sensation for empowering women and inspiring others to be ‘fearless’ all over the world, she had her share of challenges to overcome. From being brought up in a fanatic misogynist cult, to being home schooled and joining a female only ultra catholic school at 12 , which led to social adaptability challenges, being alone and bullied, to being verbally and physically abused as a child, to ending up broke in her sister’s living room, Arya’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the challenges in their life and turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Fast forward a few years, and Arya is a trailblazer building a growing community of more than 11k followers, around her passions and strengths, Verified Fearless, (launched in April 2019), with the vision to become a movement of like-minded people connected by music & creativity who want to educate and elevate consciousness, empowering feminine energy to solve the problem of poverty on the planet, touching 5 billion lives by 2029 or earlier. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur, visionary, model, prosperity & life coach, fitness competitor, blogger, psychonaut and entertainer. She runs the Fearless Blog where she interviews leaders with guests of the likes of Hayley Herms, Angela Gargano, Mike Sygula and Tiffany Cheung, amongst others.