My name is Arya and let me be raw honest with you.

I always wanted more out of life, adventures, experiences, to express and to enjoy it to the fullest.

I used to dream of being an actress, a writer, a woman I would admire. However, as a kid, I suffered verbal and physical abuse, which led me to think I would never amount to anything or that I wasn’t worthy.

I was overweight, labelled weird, constantly bullied and never felt I could really connect with people until later in my adult life.

Growing up was a challenge for me. I couldn’t understand why everyone had everything so clear and I was so lost, so messed up, insecure, and figuring ways to fit in.

There have been many times when I wondered why was I even on this planet; I was bullied, feeling not supported, and lived in constant fear at home.

My parents had a feisty relationship, my relationship with my mother was extremely complicated, one of my sisters ended in and out of mental hospitals, I went through bulimia, and many times told school teachers with whom I had trust that I wish I would disappear, I didn’t think anybody loved me.

Our mind is powerful and when we believe the lies that we are not enough, we don’t have a purpose or anything to give we fall into the trap of believing we don’t have a tribe or we aren’t understood and supported. When I took action and started to learn from other inspiring stories on how to make my dreams come true, that’s when my reality started to really shift, for good.

I alchemized all this negative energy and not enough-ness, focusing on transforming my mind and my body so I could compete with the fitness pros.
I was living in London, training and learning how to build a coaching business when I realised I was deeply depressed.

Will I ever find people that inspire me to be around?
How can I earn money?
Who am I? How did I end up here?
What am I to do for the rest of my life on this planet?

During this soul searching process I signed up to singing and dance classes, facing the terror barriers of admitting my real wants: becoming an entertainer.

I had no identity, I was broke and feeling broken. With no clue on how to earn money or how to approach the music industry. Obsessed with learning about entrepreneurship, sales, mindset, psychology, spirituality and marketing, and how to provide value to people when I felt I had ‘nothing to give’, my real journey began.

Since then it has been a mind-blowing – launching my brand Verified Fearless, this April 2019, a flourishing community of more than 11k followers, transforming my self-image and rebranding my persona and intentions.

I have embraced my dormant talents of writing and human connection and the business is growing at a rapid speed.

I believe deeply that our power relies on our choices and thoughts, that healing is a gift and the lives we can touch during the journey are what bring the real wealth to our existence. I am realising that it is true, we were born rich and we are indeed limitless. I have seen how when I commit to my vision and focus 100% on my growth…everything is possible.

Creating a life I could only dream of when I was a kid is far more meaningful than playing the game following the rules of others. Is that reality we have grown up into, real reality or simply a lazy way of prolonging the status quo just because we are too scared to offend, to break things, to be left out, to be ‘burned in the stake’?

It’s hard to swallow that without having any formal business education/experience and being a college dropout I could go from feeling lost to running a successful community in less than two years.

Now I am devoted to impacting 5 billion lives. Teaching music artists and creatives how to overcome fears and connect deeply with their values and purpose so that they transform their lives into thriving businesses by design. To awaken the greatness in those who haven’t seen it yet by way of Tough Love Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling.

I am doing this through my one on one programs, weekly newsletter, blog, articles, social media content and upcoming products.

I feel blessed for the challenges I faced earlier in my life, they made me who I am and I wouldn’t change a bit of them.

I get to design daily the life I want to live and I truly believe we are the masters of our destiny.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook or via email arya@verifiedfearless.com, I love to hear about you.

And remember, you are here for a purpose, something far bigger and greater than you can even fathom. But it’s up to YOU to act; nobody will hand it to you! It is YOUR DUTY to become the person who lives a life worth remembering. Nobody is going to do the hard work for you, to grow into the emotionally and physically fit person you need to become to experience the life you desire. That’s a battle of you vs. you.

I am aware that there are moments in life that are filled with ‘struggle’, and you might feel as if you can’t get your head out of the water. I am breathing proof that you can overcome anything life throws at you.

You matter, YOUR DREAMS are necessary for the evolution of the world! Always remember that. However, it is in your hands to master the tools required to write a story worthy of the superhero in you. Be that hero. We need you! Start. NOW!

You are a master.

Arya Badia