You Can Take Your Power Back: You Are The Creator.

Stuck is just perception, like a traffic light without a battery that’s stuck in the amber light and there you are, letting time go by, thinking that it will soon get green and you will start moving again until you think: Hu! Isn’t this taking way longer than expected?

I Am The Creator Of My Reality. I Am God In Flesh.

Have you ever thought about this?

When I affirmed this a few mornings back I felt it in my core, it was like something just took a veil off of my eyes and I understood my power, another level of choice, another level of perception, another level of manifestation and the responsibility of ending the blame game and feeling like things are crashing under my feet when in reality, I am the stars and it all starts and ends with my thoughts.

My thoughts determine my emotions and how I feel and that’s what I project into the world and how the world responds.

I am the creator of my reality hit me because it forced me to take responsibility for the place and situation I am in life. It gave me the freedom to choose whether to stay in the same place, complaining and feeling stuck or, to take the reins and embrace the waves of change.

Everything is simply pushing me to embrace my Truth, all I had to do was jump, take that leap, the wings have always been there.

I know I have been training for this since forever, for this exact moment in time, for this exact instant in the history of human evolution and I am beyond excited that finally, I can speak openly about the experiences and more and more people will be tuning into these frequencies.

I think we get sidetracked with the notion that we have to find our purpose, that we have to know who we are, that we have to be something or become someone, we get so entrapped in the search that we miss the whole point the whole time, it was always here, right here, in front of our noses. We see others achieving things faster and that comparison game continues feeding the belief that we are not good enough yet. We live buried under the beliefs that others threw onto us, parents, teachers, friends, partners, family members, who were merely projecting their own limitations or speaking from someone else’s perspective, such as religion.

How can or ever will a slaved mind teach anyone freedom?

That’s the process I have gone through and now it feels like closure, a much needed moment to step back, breathe and propel myself forward. Now it’s time.

As a collective, we all are going through the transformation affecting our planet and society. Coping with the ‘awakening’ process might seem easier for some than for others. I am seeing my role and embracing the fact that the only thing I can do my best now is being my truest self and that’s something no-one can take away from me.

Shedding layers is painful. A few nights back I had 2 nights sleepless in a row. Awake until more than 3 am. Crying my belly out. Something was moving through me. I knew that pain wasn’t mine and yet I knew it had to be processed so I simply dived even deeper and felt it. My bones were crying, my throat was clogged, the tears ran uncontrollable down my cheeks and I could barely move. How many generations did I heal in two nights? How many women from my lineage have betrayed themselves, had their hearts broken, their souls killed, their dreams buried, their passions watered, their lives erased at a stroke for me to be hit with that immensity of pain?

I felt honored and powerful to had been given the task to process the energy. And after 3 days waking up like a trunk had driven all over my body I could wake up at 5am again, my focus was clear, I felt present and at ease.

I am the creator of my own reality.

Read that with me a few more times. Let it sink. It hurts, I know. Because then there’s no-one to blame for your missteps. No-one to get angry at. Nobody to point the finger at. There is only you and your imagined limitations.

How could I, the image of God in flesh, think that I wasn’t capable of doing, achieving, manifesting, creating, having, getting, being, what my heart desires?

Who sets the rules?

Who created the walls?

Who drew the limits?

‘Be mindful of your thoughts, places, people, experiences you give your energy to. Your energy is your currency. When you pay attention to something, you buy that experience and that experience affects your vibrational frequency which affects your reality.
The moment you become mindful of where you are spending your energy, you are taking responsibility for the reality you are creating.’

I started paying attention to how I feel. To my surroundings. To what I felt was missing. To what I long for. To what I am craving. I started paying attention to my feelings. To the triggers.

It hurts to see who was in the way all this time. And yet, it is fair to say that I only got this far because I had a level of awareness that needs to level up to help me get to the next part of the story. Energy was never meant to be stuck. It’s moving forward no matter what.

Stuck is just perception, like a traffic light without a battery that stopped in the amber light and there you are, letting time go by, thinking that it will soon get green and you will start moving again until you think: Hu! Isn’t this taking way longer than expected? Is there any alternative route? What can I do to change this? What is this wanting to teach me?

And then you take the wheel, turn around, see a narrow street to your left and keep driving to your destination. A door of opportunity just opened. It was always there, however you’ve been so focused on what ‘wasn’t’ that you couldn’t see.


It hurts I know. But the pain of regret and staying where you don’t belong living as a mere chicken when you are born an Eagle is worst than accepting the reality for what it is and taking control of your life making the moves you need to make to get to where you were always meant to be.

Your Throne awaits you. Claim your Crown. Believe in YourSelf and listen to your intuition. She knows the way.

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