5 Truths No One Will Tell You But You Need To Hear About Living With Courage.

Last year I bought all of Brené Brown‘s books after watching her TedTalk on vulnerability and immersed myself in her world of wisdom. While a lot of the things she writes are incredibly inspiring others seemed to me a bit cheesy and repetitive. A once and enough read in my opinion.

The best thing that I took from her books was that haters will hate but she fights them back saying: “If you’re not in the arena getting your butt kicked too, I’m not interested in your feedback.” I completely agree and I feel the freedom to express my opinion because yes, my ass is getting kicked in the arena.


Number 1:

Daring greatly seems a bit daunting when you come from a place of living following the rules of the status quo, years of conditioning aren’t erased in a night and it takes a ton of will power and hunger to actually make bigger changes, faster, for the long term.

Number 2:

Living with courage is scarry and risky, you will fall, you will get hurt, you will cry, you will rise and you will fly. Why? Because to find your courage you have to dig deeper, deal with your issues, let go of the past and become who you decide to be. You always have tools at hand though if you are willing to pursue the journey of a lifetime! Courage opens the doors to opportunity!


Number 3: 

You will have to shred people like dead skin, leave friends and family if needed behind, your identity, your belongings, whatever it is that can hold you back and stop you from your growth. You will have to let go of the attachment of what once was and what you thought could be to truly pursue what you desire.

Number 4: 

What happens when you don’t know what you want? you may ask. Well, then you find the courage to keep trying things and learning from every experience until something clicks and you choose to go all in, until then, try every single thing that calls your attention and be brave to not give af* about what could happen if something goes wrong, adventures start with a relentless fire and are written along the way!


Number 5: 

Every single scar will have a story, one day everything will make sense and it will be ok. Everything in your life has been placed there for you to grow, it’s up to you to take on the challenge of the epic story of the life you can create. On the other side of all the pain, sweat, blood and tears will emerge your true self, strong, wild and fierce! IF YOU DARE!


Leave your comments below, I’d love to read your thoughts about this topic. 

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