How to build mental strength.

And this is why I am passionate about fitness. It builds a mental strength like no other.

When you are tired you must keep pushing, even if you go slower just that keep going instead of quitting means winning.


There are loads of reasons why I could recommend fitness and weight lifting. One of them is the mental toughness that you develop while working out. 

Focus, strength, resilience, endurance, determination and I could go on. 

The other day I learnt something, I was working out and got a text message with “bad” news. This is the scenario, I am sweating like crazy, my headphones’ battery had died, so the inner coach had to be full on nor to get lost in thought. 

When you set a goal, let’s say you tell to yourself, I am doing 40 crunches in the roman chair, ok? You just do them, you train your mind to go until the number 40 and the thing is and here is the lesson.

I told myself, I am doing 20 and then at 12 something inside me saying, nah, you can do 12 only and then my body stops. 

Without the music the workout is different, to help me focus I bring my attention to the muscles and how they are working. Realising that the only way I could break a pattern was by actually doing what I said I was going to do hit me. 

This thought came to me: When you are tired keep pushing, even if you go slower just that keep going instead of quitting it’s winning.


It was the last round, the circuit is hardcore, it’s a core blast without rest of a 20 second plank, 20 mountain climbers with side twist for each leg, and then the killer, 20 tapping shoulder plank with two plank jumping jacks and to finish a plank to pike jump, the last one is 3 exercises in 1.

This one is to sweat it out like it’s raining, the heart rates goes high, you have to keep focus on the form and the core tight, it takes practice and it’s about the endurance more than the speed. 

The last few days when I felt the burn I rested for a couple of seconds and continued and here is the thing, those seconds seem nothing serious, right? WRONG! The moment I do that I am creating a habit, the habit of quitting or giving up as soon as I feel real pain and the avoidance of pain is comfort zone, it can spread to anything you do in life. 

As soon as I realised this the clarity and focus was incredible, it was maybe survival mode, activation of all my senses, the realisation that that text message had made me realise my strength and how much the gym is helping my growth and business. 

In the end, life is a big business and we are the CEOs! It’s called res-pon-si-bi-li-ty and control over our life experience. 


Set a goal, set the intention of doing it no matter what, even if you have to do it slower, keep going, keep pushing, control the form, believe you can do it because you have done it before, and when you finish the set you will be proud of yourself because you gave your all and did the best you could. 

We live in a world that is moved by instant gratification, long term visions require endurance and it all starts in the mind. Train your mind to be 100%, all in, to persist even when the going gets though because you know that if your mind is right everything will follow. 

Remember, if your mind can see it and think about it is because you can make it, have it and experience it! 

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 



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