Sugar and other addictions, the truth behind them

Sugar, sugar, sugar, it’s everywhere and we are both hating it and addicted to it. If you google sugar you will find thousands of articles explaining why it’s dangerous, why it has been used in almost anything, why we crave it and why we are addicted to it.


The problem is not sugar, sugar is simply that, sugar. The issue is deeper, it gives us a rush, a high, it’s a drug? Absolutely!

But let’s make a difference here, fruits have sugar and we need sugar to function, restrictive diets have a yoyo effect and while you can go on cutting 100% sugar from you diet after a while you will feel the cravings and bounce back again, like a junkie. Literally.

I love sweets, but I have realised that when eating them it’s not the real sweet what fulfils me, it’s the high and then puff is gone.

My trick here is to simply limit my sugar intake, I don’t add sugar to my tea and when I eat chocolate it’s dark chocolate, organic if possible.

Cutting of sugar completely for a month, yes, I can do it, but that will only stress my body to a level that as soon as the month is gone I will overeat a sugary meal, go buy 2 vegan doughnuts from the Dough Society and mess my results again.


So my trick is limiting my sugar intake to special moments, drinking hot soya chocolate when I am craving coffee and something hot and sweet, snacks like the apple, banana or pineapple chips from Emily Crisps and basically not giving it a lot of attention.

Yes, I won’t always eat the cookies or junk food, and when I am in the supermarket I freak out with the amount of plastic bags filled with sugar and flour but, that’s my choice and every body is different. I simply don’t buy them and stay away from them.

Addictions can be to food, situations, relationships and habits. Addictions are things we do so we don’t face other inner challenges, ways of numbing our inner voice, out of fear. Ways or giving ourselves the feeling of love we crave. 

What are your tips to control and stay aware of your cravings and why do you crave something? Leave your comments below 😉 


We cling onto things the same way we cling onto people, hoping they will fix something that it’s hurting deep inside. When we find the root of the pain we are able to move on.

Fitness and being healthy is a journey, it all starts in your mind, you decide where you want to be and take steps towards that goal. It’s a lifelong marathon not a seasonal race. Get informed, question why you crave the things you crave, find a reason why to pursue a goal and stick to it.

This helps build up your confidence, because if you are continuously telling your mind that you will do something and then you don’t actually do it, what you are telling yourself is that you aren’t capable of getting what you want and this will imprint every action in your life. 

My tricks:

  • don’t buy sugary things
  • eat chocolate every now and then, dark 70% and organic when possible
  • drink more water when cravings come
  • understand that I have a very active lifestyle and having a cheat meal every week or every two weeks won’t hurt me
  • be patient and acknowledge when I crave something, why do I do it and what thought do I have in my mind repeteadly and reafirmed when eating sugar, usually is fear and not being capable of doing something that you envisioned, anxiety, stress and emotional reactions.


Be patient but be ruthless. It’s your life after all 😉 If you care about your wellbeing you will find a way, if you don’t care, then it’s also absolutely fine but one day you will wish you started caring a bit earlier!

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