30 exercises to self mastery: Day 6 – Love your reflection in the mirror!

Life is a game, it all starts in your mind, it all starts within.

The results you are getting in the outside world are a mirror of your mindset. When you hear stretch your mind means let your walls down, admit that you might be mistaken and that there might be other ways of getting what you want.

What we get is usually tied to what we think we deserve, how we see ourselves is what we are getting from the world.

If you think you don’t deserve more that mediocre results in any level of your life, that’s what you will get.

When you upgrade your confidence and actually see that you can become whatever you want then life will transform for you and your experience will be enriched by more and more pleasant situations and new people who will bring new energies.

And it all starts within, it all starts by accepting the reflection in the mirror, loving every single wrinkle, loving it so deeply that you want to fuck yourself. And you will, one day you will stare at your eyes and want to masturbate, feeling hot as fuck and that rush comes from your internal power.


How can something that makes you feel good be bad or wrong? 

These exercises and these rules aren’t for those who are still trapped by dogma, who are living their lives following rules created by others. 

These exercises will challenge your old ways of action and will prove, once you test them, that the mind is powerful beyond measure and you are indeed in control of your life. 


Every day, after you shower, take time to sit down with yourself, you can do it before meditation or after, it doesn’t matter as long as you do it. You might need to wake up earlier, you might need to set a time block for this exercise. JUST DO IT!

If you have the slightest shadow of doubt you won’t get further. This is about you gaining power over your world, is about you awakening your power and about YOU loving yourself fully and truly. 

Sit in front of a mirror, naked, without makeup, no hair done, nothing, sit and look at yourself. Observe your thoughts, observe which parts of your body you think need a change, which ones you hate, which ones you love. Stay there, take time to worship the ones you love most, smile to yourself, look deeply into your eyes and love that spark in them.

Go slowly with your hand all over your body, touch gently every single part that your hand can reach, touch your body the same way you will touch someone you love, look at yourself the same way you will look at someone who you might want to have sex with, desire yourself, love yourself and treat yourself with the same passion and love that you give others.

Facing our reflection is facing our fears, seeing how we have been living by what others may think, comparing our bodies with others, deciding our self worth based on someone else’s standards, instead of accepting ourselves we are placing our value in the hands of others.

We might have smaller boobs, bigger booty, smaller or bigger waist…whatever! Everything is possible, you change your mindset, you love yourself enough to wake up and take action towards a more healthy way of living, you hit the gym hard and build a body you are proud of!


But nothing outside you can give you the confidence you need. First love your body how it looks now and then do the changes you want, surround yourself with people who will push you to the next level, model them, get inspired and become who you really are.

Start by doing this every morning, every single day for 30 days, you have this playful moment with yourself. 

It doesn’t have to be for long, you can do it while spreading butter creme in your skin.

This exercise of loving your reflection will change the way you see yourself and how people perceive you. Once you see that it actually works you will comprehend that it’s you, it’s always you and will always be you.

Try this and walk the street with confidence, no headphones, and you will see what happens 😉 

We take little time of the day to really see ourselves and when we do is through the lenses of others, comparing our progress with the lives of others.

Take a deep breath!

YOU ARE EXACTLY where you are meant to be! 

YOU ARE READY or this blog wouldn’t be in your radar otherwise! 



YOU ARE doing this! 


As women we are taught to be nice and we are being taught to be quiet, to be sweet and the perfect wife, to be an independent business woman, but nobody taught us to love us, to love our bodies, to see our true power, to see that we are powerful creatures, that we are the door that connects both realms, we give birth and we are the nurtures of nature, we are the creation, the embodiment of life, and WE ARE WORTHY OF WORSHIP!  

Being worshipped is not a concept, means you value yourself enough to know what you want and go after it. 


Do you want more success in your career? Go for it! 

Do you want a different life? Go create it! 

Do you want more money? Go make it! 

Do you want love? Go love yourself! 

Do you want passionate sex? Make love to yourself until you are exhausted! 

That body you are not loving enough is the temple of your soul, it will reflect your mindset and your self projection. 

That body you are punishing with twisted looks and bad foods is the temple of that magical soul of yours.

You are here to evolve, no rush, time is yours and you deserve this time for you.

Take it, enjoy it, like a delicious plate, you are eye candy, you are the Goddess of your dreams!

Feed every cell of your body with this thoughts and you will see how your body rewards you with a glowing skin, your mind will shift, you will train with more confidence, sign up for that yoga or pilates class that you are always procrastinating and even if your body and skin where perfect, maybe you just needed an extra boost of confidence and to stand up again, tall and with that “pinneaple” attitude again. Standing tall and holding your crown with pride!


To be continued…next Tuesday 😉 

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