How to THINK your own thoughts.

Step out of your comfort zone and think by yourself, test your fears and choose what makes you feel more excited

You are already more aware of your thoughts and paying more attention to the world around you.

Re-gaining your power is more about understanding that the game is you, you are the player, everything outside you is only guiding you towards that next level.


Today the challenge is taking time for yourself, allowing yourself to be the first thought in your mind and the first person you think about when making a decision.

No fucks given! For real! 


You have a dream, you are working towards it, you know what you want and YOU KNOW what you need to do to breakthrough.

Step I:

Start transforming your reality by changing something from your routine, something that scares you: cancel a meeting, take time for you to enjoy a longer lunch or gym session, leave earlier from work, go out and have dinner with someone or on your own. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, this game is yours and yours to win and play. 

What is scaring you the most? 

If you continue behaving like a slave you will continue in that mindset and nothing will change, you know that to grow you must push through the fears that come floating up: your boss might get annoyed, you will miss an opportunity of growth in your career, you will miss what?

Nothing will happen, this small act of rebellion is a clear statement to the Universe that you are committed to growing your mental strength, that you are capable of taking decisions on your own, you have a plan and that plan is following your passions wherever they take you.

I have learned that in life you give and you receive, you take and you deliver, but most of the times you realise that those in power are selfish and you have to learn to own your space, to stand up for yourself. 

It doesn’t matter if you are going to continue working in that environment or if you are looking for ways to open a new business, launch a company or whatever.

This mindset will help you gain the confidence you need to ask for what’s yours. That pay rise, to set your boundaries, to say no when you mean it, to say yes to yourself more often, you are allowing your desires to flow, you are allowing your personality to shine, by realising that actually nothing happens and it’s all in your head. If you truly believe that you deserved that extra time for you to do whatever the f*** you wanted, absolutely nothing outside you will stop you from that. 


I did the test myself, first I wanted to be super radical and not go to work during a whole day but then out of fear I reduced the amount of hours, I was even more productive than a full shift day, I knew I was in control of my results, I was trading my time for money, yes, but I was training my mind to have the confidence to break the rules and walk outside of the office building almost 3 hours before my shift finished.

I have a huge adaptability to change, overtime I have developed the skill of knowing what’s the next best move for my development.

But it wasn’t always this way, once I had so much fear of calling to work and saying that I was sick and wouldn’t come again that literally my inner kid was terrified imagining their reaction, they would get mad at me, I wouldn’t be able to walk into that store ever again. I was literally sitting in a corner telling my sister how scared I was and she obviously was surprised, the fear was rooted deep inside and by stepping up and letting go of a work that was killing me I gained confidence.

Embracing the unknown is what we do really every day, but we are numbed by all this routines and apparent obligations. 

Step II: 

Today is the day you decide for yourself, you take again the control of your day and ASK YOURSELF:



The signs will be in and out, you will know what to do but you are still scared.

It’s ok.

Take a small step.

How you want your life to look like?

Is what you are doing today bringing you anywhere closer to that goal?

What could you do to get one step closer? 

Decide what will be your next action to take and start writing down a plan.

It can be as crazy as you want!


Vision boards are an amazing tool for this, you see the clear vision of how you want your life to look like and one day if you look back you will be amazed of the power of your mind.

You can have it all!

Find books, courses, seminars, groups, anything that will help you develop the skills necessary to reach the next level of your life. 

Step III:

Getting out of your comfort zone means getting out of your head, trying new things, new ways of behaving, testing yourself and the world around you. 

Use whatever you have in hand, forget about what others may think and focus in doing everything for you.

You want to learn dance? Go, sign up! Be ridiculous, observe your thoughts, see how hard you are on yourself, how you judge yourself when you don’t know one move, see how you think others might be doing it better, see how instead of being listening to the teacher you are listening to that voice in your head saying that you are not good enough.

Well, you are learning!

Engrave this in your head: You are learning as you go. Be patient, let those thoughts be, let them float, laugh at them, laugh at yourself for being so hard and let it go. 

Laugh. Literally. Smile and laugh. You will see the energy releasing your body. And take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and walk like you mean it.

Another thing that you MUST COMPREHEND IS that everyone is human.

Step IV: 

Humanise people, humanise men, humanise women, humanise your idols, humanise the bloggers, humanise every single person, everyone around you, humanise your boss, humanise your colleagues, nobody’s perfect, everyone has insecurities, fears, is going through hardships and is battling some kind of inner struggle. 

Humanising others around you will kill the fear of interaction and will leave you more relaxed when walking the world. 

By observing people we can read them and see through the facades of confidence, we can see the emotions, we can sense what’s going on in their heads. And that makes them human.

Recap of the day: 

  • try something new;
  • break your routine and take time for yourself ;
  • face the fear of making someone else angry or annoyed; 
  • embrace that consequences and own them;
  • give yourself the time you give to others so easily;
  • question if what you are doing is taking you closer to where you want to go? and
  • write down a plan or create a vision board for the life of your dreams!

Today must have been intense, take a long shower, rest, breath and listen to your favourite music.

Observe how all those terrible situations didn’t happen and that whatever happened you where more in control because you didn’t care, you felt free of your mind restrains.

If you need to do repeat this day over again because you were too scared to break your rules, it’s ok but don’t allow it more than 3 days because then you will reinforce the belief that your life is out of your control.


Take these exercises as an experiment for your own personal growth, to take control over the world around you, to raise to your top, to climb that mountain in front of your eyes, inside your head. 

To win this game you have to question absolutely everything, don’t take my words for truth, test them, question them and question your ways, your thoughts, your fears, question why you react and why you act the way you do. 

For the next exercise be prepared to play your game, flirt if you like, own your body, enjoy being alive, the next day will start by worshipping your image in the mirror.


You have to gain control over your mind and that it’s also gaining control over the reflection in the mirror. 

To be continued…next Tuesday 😉

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 


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