How your words create your reality.

Are we still alive? 


Let’s keep working then!

Beliefs are simply thoughts that if repeated enough times they become imprinted in our subconscious and we allow them to guide our actions; beliefs shape our reality and when we take control of them our world starts to shift. 


How you speak about yourself, the energy you put in your words, what type of words do you use, are you energised and motivated or are you catastrophic and fearful, are you judgemental and victimised or are you listening more than speaking?

Observe how you answer to people, why do you reply the way you do and observe what image you portrait of yourself. 

Are you feeling entitled to all the abundance or do you feel deep inside that things won’t end up going the way you want in the end so why bother trying? 

That’s a belief, that’s a belief that you have reinforced during your life thinking that when things didn’t go your way is because you made mistakes and made the wrong moves. That’s a strong belief that must be changed from today if you want to make it happen as big as you talk.

There are no mistakes and there is no wrong path because ABSOLUTELY everything that happened to you and EVERY SINGLE CHOICE YOU MADE was placed there to make you the person you are today! 

Life has many layers, we want to be successful at work, find our perfect partner, live the life of our dreams, have perfect health, a joyful social life, we want to launch a business that leaves a legacy, be the perfect leader, travel the world, free from debt, have billions in the bank and find our purpose.

Ok, one by one, my advice?

Start with you! 



Decide what you want, if you want a serious relationship state it out loud, if you want to reach your fitness goals make a commitment, if you want to move to another country start researching, if you want to launch and idea, start now. If you think that those amazing things that other people seem to be living aren’t for you REMEMBER THAT THAT’S ONLY A BELIEF! 

To make anything happen you have to believe you deserve it and you will be able to do that through building confidence.

How do you build confidence? 

By taking action! DAILY! 

Annalise all those things that you think are missing from your life: money, relationships, fun, travels, health, fulfillment?

Why are you doing this to yourself and making your soul live in such despair?

True confidence comes when we take control and responsibility for our life, when we forgive ourselves for not knowing before what we know now and when we reframe those past actions by comprehending that the journey is taking us towards our ascension no matter what, there are no right or wrong paths and that’s why you are changing your life just by reading these posts. 


When starting this journey you will feel the desire to share it with others, you will think: why nobody else is doing it, why this hasn’t been taught in schools? Why people are not doing something else with their lives but gossiping and complaining?


Every journey is different and all those external inputs are for you to react, you shouldn’t bother, they are guiding your internal light, when you feel disgust or discomfort towards something, remove yourself from the scene, walk away, if you stay is because you are still wired with the mediocrity of those unenlightened.

Your service here is to become your best self not to tell others how they should be living their life. 

WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ANYWAY? When you are basically learning to walk right now? 

Keep this to yourself, work on yourself for yourself, daily, and allow the Universe to align you with those in your same vibration.

Learn through meditation how to discern, what’s right for you and what’s not. Choose your wellbeing no matter what.

To be continued next Tuesday…;) 

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 



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