How to maximise comparison, envy and jealousy

Yes, you can always get something positive out of those emotions.

Social media this, social media that but let’s be honest…when we say comparison isn’t healthy, what’s the root of it?

Why do you see a feed and wish you had the same?

Ask yourself, how can I make it happen for me? Instead of the victim mentality of, Why can’t I have that as well? 


Why are you jealous of someone who is winning and then belittle them, talk bad about them or say things like: she must have got some surgery, call other women bitches, or simply get angry and annoyed?

Comparison, envy, jealousy comes from insecurities and the only way to build up your confidence is setting goals and committing to them. 

Because if you are putting the work I don’t see the competition. If you are in your lane why should you even bother with what others are doing? Their success should be an inspiration for your own success because you comprehend that if they can make it so can you, if you put in the work, of course. 


Stop scrolling and start creating and doing, stop comparing and start reflecting and realising that yes, life is a game, life is a challenge and life is what you make it. 

If you are wasting your time talking about others, well, your life is time, time is money and you are wasting precious seconds of your life doing what? Bitching about others?

We all fall into this trap at some point, whether we verbalise it or not, we see others making it, somewhere we would like to be, without knowing anything about their journey.

Can I tell you a secret?

You will always win! 

The game of life is created with you in the center of your universe and designed to challenge you to reach your highest potential and wasting your time in what others are doing won’t get you any further. 

Get things done, learn your lessons, wake up, work on yourself, strengthen your strengths, put down your walls and be willing to learn and unlearn and relearn because for every next level of your life you will need to transform and adapt to change.


The dance teacher told me the other day that I don’t listen, that I think that I know already and that way I will never learn and you know what? That hit hard, because it’s true, and that’s my work for today, to open my eyes and be willing to learn from those who know better than me and can help me get where I want.

To be a master you first must be a student! 

What do you do when you feel envy or jealousy? Take action or find all the reasons why you can’t get what you want? 

Leave your comments below! 😉

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 


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