Why are we scared and what it’s fear?


So, there I am, standing in a crowded room, owning my movements, walking around, observing, people are having fun and I am enjoying the fact that I entered the room on my own, knowing nobody and with a challenge in my head, starting a conversation with a stranger and breaking the barrier of doing a massive ridicule.

Head high, I attract glances, inside I have my power bursting but of course I am learning to walk and there are still remnants of conditioning freezing me and blocking my way towards my goal.

I observe my thoughts, with compassion, this is a test, I am growing, it’s all good but I am not satisfied, I failed miserably, interacted with some people but not the ones I wanted to reach out.


The list could go on but to start, because they might be better dressed than me, hotter, surrounded by people, smarter, men, seemed unapproachable.

And you know what, this is all BS because there’s is absolutely no rule written that says that you can’t approach someone and say whatever the f** you want, just flow and interact. I was holding myself back and seeing it so clear just made realise how ignorance is keeping myself away from living my life in my own terms.

This is what happens with us women, we objectify ourselves and put ourselves in a box when facing a challenging person in front of us.


Well, because we have been taught that good women behave themselves and stay in their corner waiting for Mr Right to step into the shadows and bring us back to the game.

You know what makes you you? Becoming so strong and true to yourself that nobody else can do what you are doing the way you do it. And it’s not pleasing people or finding ways to conquer a man, it’s finding the way to conquer your fears and your kingdom. 

We are scared because we fear being told we aren’t perfect and the thing is what we believe we become and walking through life with this baggage is settling for a mediocre life.

Stop blaming others and take responsability for your life and design your destiny! 

Life is about becoming who we truly are, free from the conditioning, interacting with whoever we want because nobody’s is bigger than us, we are all just playing the game. 

I could be scared of writing this but I have learned that actually there is a little % of the world that takes action, the rest will simply read, love, hate, agree or disagree but do nothing to change so, it’s giving away for free a lesson to myself and if it resonates with someone fine, if not, I am walking my path either way.

You know what’s fear? Caring about what others may think, worrying about others getting angry with you, trying to please others. That’s the root of all fear! Wanting everyone to like us and freezing because if we break the rules we are going to be judged. 

That’s why we don’t take risks, we don’t change, we stay the same, inside a mental box.

What are you scared of and what are you going to do to challenge that fear?


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