How to be great in this life.

What makes the difference between great and mediocre people is that those who aim for greatness have a growth mindset and comprehend that this life is nothing but a game, there are some rules to be followed and some others for us to create. That challenges are the doors to new levels of consciousness and placing the blame on others gives our power away. 

Today I want you to sit down, take a piece of paper, a pen, play some music and start writing down all those who have harmed you, every person and interaction that took you out of your nerves in the last 24 hours and every single thing that is making you be angry, annoyed or distracting you from doing the things you would like to be doing.

Be honest, write the names and the situations. And then get out of the scene, get out of your own head and read the paper again.

Who is actually holding you back? 

Your mum? Your dad? Your family? Your wife? Your husband? That lover? Your ex? That man in the street who annoyed you when trying to talk to you and you refused because he wasn’t your type? Your boss? That girl who looked at you with cross eyes in the dance class? 

Who is really holding you back? 

NO (fucking) body! 

You are holding yourself back because in the pursue of perfection you start comparing yourself with others and even before starting to walk a new path you are already talking yourself out, out of fear, freezing in fear.


The same way Sunrise was holding onto this man in fear of being him her soulmate and she not being good enough to keep a man, to make a man truly chase her, to make a man love her how she knew she deserved, so she allowed her fears to guide her steps and fear took over her mind and she became the mediocre woman she always hated: nagging, begging, fearful, lacking confidence, doubtful and loyal to someone who hadn’t done shit to prove her he was deserving her attention.

She was running away from her true self, placing her power in the hands of someone external.

For you to wake up let me take you on a journey. This will be a list of exercises that you MUST commit to follow during 30 days. I will be releasing them every Tuesday until we complete the 30 exercises and all of them I am testing them with the purpose of building up my confidence and helping you do the same. 

We need to crash your ego, we need to dismount all the walls and that guarded character you have created to protect yourself from the world, that persona is blocking you from receiving the abundance and experiences you long for. 


Clean and tidy your room or house.

Fake a move and think, what would you keep if you were moving house? Keep only what’s truly necessary. After tiding everything and throwing, giving away, selling everything that you feel is not mandatory, start the process.

This may sound silly but having the discipline to keep the house clean and tidy, the bed done in the morning, to keep the space empty of unnecessary mess helps the mind be in a better state.

These 3 habits will be part of the exercises, every day we will face different challenges through the exercises but these 3 MUST be done daily:


  1. In your room or somewhere where you are comfortable, start meditating, at least 10 minutes daily.  You can use apps like Headpsace but actually you can find your own method, listen to some music, focus on your breathing and learn, train your observant mind to see thoughts as clouds.
  2. Ask yourself why you do the things you do, why you live the way you live, why you take the actions you take, why are you the way you are, who are you blaming, who are you mirroring, where is the deep belief freezing you, where is the wound, stay there, don’t run! I repeat, it’s super important that you face the fear and the emotions, they will be nasty and horribly painful but they are also blocking your growth and expansion. Stay there, embrace them and then let go. Absolutely anything painful that you might remember happened in the past and that’s something that on one hadn’t it cannot be changed and on the other, without it you wouldn’t be where you are right now and you wouldn’t have the chance to awaken to the next level of your life with the same strength.
  3. Forgive yourself for not knowing before what you know now, forgive yourself because with what you know now you would never do the things that you carry so heavily on your shoulders. Forgive yourself for not seeing that those mountains where simply to climb them, you have to let go of the guilt, shame and fear. You have to forgive you and all those who hurt you in the past. You don’t need to send emails or texts to any of them, you can do it if you want but be ready to receive a negative answer, not everyone will be doing the work and you still have to learn. It’s not about them, it’s about you, about you giving yourself permission to live life how you always dreamed of.
  4. Ask yourself every day: who am I?  You will see the ego answer with your job, career, name, age, country etc etc dig deeper! You are consciousness playing a role, you are the Universe, you are the answer. You can be whatever you want the minute you decide you can. Believe it!


  1. Introduce more vegetables in your diet.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Find an exercise that you like. If you already do something then introduce something new, challenge your body and your mind, get out of your comfort zone and try yoga, crossfit, dance, aerobic, spinning, ballet, barre, pilates…whatever, or even try them all and then go back to the one you like most and be consistent for 21 days.
  4. Do your bed every single morning. This little habit builds up the confidence of getting things right after waking up.
  5. Reduce the amount of TV you watch, the movies, social media, Youtube videos, magazines, press and any other source of negativity or things that could push your buttons and bring you back to a helpless state of mind. If you need to start avoiding places and people, don’t doubt and cut them off. New energies will come to your life to enrich your experience.


  1. You know that blog you always you say you are going to write? Open it! And create DAILY!
  2. You know that brand you keep telling about to your friends and anyone who wants to listen? Start doing something about it! DAILY!
  3. You know that travel you want so badly to do? Start planning for it! And move forward! DAILY!
  4. You know all those goals you set and write on your diary? Take 2 and make a commitment to follow through no matter what! DAILY!


Follow this process we are about to start for 30 days. If you miss one day of the exercises you have to start from day 1 again.

Let me repeat:

  • 30 days = 30 different exercises every day
  • 30 days = 3 daily habits we will keep consistently

Some exercises aren’t easy and I don’t expect you to master them the first day. It took me years to reach this point but, they can be done, that’s why you will have a week between every exercise, so you can act and practice and the next week you will have already won over that fear. 

Some of them took me a couple of days to actually do them, others a week and others the very moment I thought about them I did them. It’s all up to us, even the wrong moves and the mistakes are the right moves, they are all moving us forward. 

Some exercises might be easy and other seem stupid, do them anyway. There is a reason why and we will get there at the end of the experiment! 

And remember, this is not kindergarten, there will be nobody to follow up with you, the only person to know what you are really doing is you and your subconscious mind. Every time you let yourself down you get weaker and the harder is to rise again. Not impossible but harder, so why keep starting over?

Be consistent in your progress and no matter how painful, REMEMBER: you are amazing, you deserve to thrive, you came here to shine, you are loved, you are supported and you don’t need anyone or anything from outside to validate your choices or your decisions! 


If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 


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