Matcha overnight oats by Shiso Delicious

I met Sara at the 25 years of Clearsprings celebration event and her energy is contagious. Her Instagram Shisodelicious is filled with mouthwatering pictures of her bento boxes and her cute cats Meowth (mama), Tigger and Porridge.

In her website her bio states: “Sara Kiyo Popowa aka Shiso Delicious is on a mission to find beauty and sustainability on every level in life: in how we eat and prepare our food, how we view ourselves and our earth and how we choose and dispose of the products we use every day.

Sara’s food is always motivated by getting the most nourishing, natural and delicious results in the fastest and most low-impact way possible. Through social media, events and workshops she inspires thousands of people daily with her unique approach to food and ingredients.

Currently residing in London and born in Sweden with a Japanese-Bulgarian heritage, Shiso Delicious brings together elements of Sara’s journey to date: as a performance / visual artist, a graphic designer for the health food industry and a member of several food or art-centred communities.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 23.58.57.png

Left box:White currants, gently blanched multi colour beans, cucumelons, basil leaves, blackberries from the garden, coconut palm sugar roasted almonds.
Right box: Smoked tofu and pepper skewers
Redcurrants, red velvet quinoa, greens and wild strawberries from the garden!

Personally I have chosen this recipe from her blog because being a vegan fitness lover, matcha and overnight oats are a must.

Benefits of matcha:

What is Matcha?

Matcha or maccha is a finely ground, bright emerald-green tea powder. Matcha is prepared from a high-quality shade-grown leaf known as tencha. The tea bushes are sheltered to avoid the exposure of direct sunlight which reduces the pace of photosynthesis and slows down the growth of plants. This provides the leaves with a darker shade of green and stimulates the production of chlorophyll and amino acids.

Prevents Cancer

Weight loss

Detoxifies the Body

Provides Relaxation

Provides Mental Alertness

Strengthens Immune System


Controls Type-2 Diabetes

Prevents Renal Damage

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Boosts Energy


Matcha contains a healthy form of caffeine; not to be mistaken with the one present in regular coffee. This unique form of caffeine known as theophylline sustains the energy levels without any adverse effects. The slow release of energy due to theophylline helps in supporting the functionality of adrenal glands and maintains optimum hormonal levels.

Here is the original post and the recipe:

Serves 2 – one small to medium eater and one large eater



350 ml oats

1.5 teaspoon matcha

1 small, or half large banana, sliced into very thin coins

200 ml hazelnut milk (or any nut milk of your choice)

200 ml water

1 teaspoon honey or 2 teaspoons maple or coconut palm suryp (optional)




200 ml frozen, pitted morello cherries

1 tablespoon chia seeds

0.5 tablespoon honey or 1 teaspoon maple or coconut palm syrup

2 tablespoons water


Before bed time, combine all the overnight oat ingredients in a big bowl. It will look quite runny but the oats will swell up during the night.

In another bowl, roughly combine the chia cherry jam ingredients. Or, place all ingredients in a small jar and give it a shake to combine. By the morning everything will have melted, the chia seeds will have soaked up the juices of the fruit and you will have a lovely chia jam to generously slather on your matcha oats!

Leave out, or keep in the fridge overnight. I personally prefer room-temperature oats, cold foods cool down one’s intestines and effectively one’s digestion 😉

In the morning, give both bowls a good stir before serving!

For the oats and jam in the image, I dry-roasted some pears and peaches in a frying pan for the topping.


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