Why and how to use social media

Social media is a tool, a magnifique tool for us to promote our services and also to create a persona that will help grow and build a business.

For me is a playground, to experiment and share, to inspire myself and see how far I can go, to free myself from prejudices, from self limitations and from mind barriers. 

A few months back posting a picture where you could see my full body or slightly sexy would had been inimaginable. Now, it’s my way of liberating myself from that what will they think, that how will I look like mentality.


It’s for my personal amusement, to laugh at myself and see how ridiculous I was because it actually doesn’t really matter.

Social media can be a vehicle for your art and expressing ourselves the way we want, is free and it can reach the whole world with our message.

Breaking the barriers is knowing who you are, how you want to portrait that character out to the world and simply putting yourself out there. Because any feedback, positive or negative, it’s just that, feedback, you can take it to improve and grow or you can let it hurt you. It’s up to you and it will build up calluses, you will get stronger. If you don’t like something, delete it, block it. Who cares? But don’t feed it, don’t complain, don’t nag, you can cry but remember that it’s just that, someone’s opinion about you doesn’t really matter. What matters is the opinion that you have about yourself.


And be honest, why do you do it? Find a reason why and own it. It’s your why, nobody has to understand the things you do, it’s your movie, your story and you write it the way you want. 

For me my Instagram is the journey of a woman discovering her inner power, challenging herself to new experiences and playing with her mind walls. I don’t need male validation but I do like male attention, and that’s absolutely fine.

Deep down women like to be liked and long to be loved but we take little time to love ourselves deeply and let men impress us, we seem to be in a race to find true love when the reality is that we must first explore our depths and see who we are, the rest is just part of our play, of this game with us in the centre and always winning. If we put in the work.


Being honest is facing the lies, facing all those beliefs and fears, is acknowledging that we have been caged in our minds for years and now breaking through will require awareness and admitting truths we have been running from for a long time.

Social media is simply another dimension of this life and it’s part of my mission to learn and explore, share and create content that reminds others of their power. That inspires others to find, to play, to develop their own personal voice. 

Forget the who’s watching, what will they think, why you do it it’s the most important question you should be asking yourself. 

Don’t limit yourself, open windows, try new things and enjoy the ride!

Give yourself permission to shine bright, YOU are the Sun!

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