Being a woman is…


Being a woman is being the most powerful creature in the world.



Men worship what you have between your legs and kill for your love and attention. We shouldn’t be scared of our power.


Be free and bold enough to love your own way but don’t get fooled by games, you know what’s healthy, never settle for less.


You are capable of tolerating enormous amounts of pain, your body is designed to give birth, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have or don’t want kids, you are the embodiment of life.


It’s ok to want love, it’s ok to need the right men, it’s ok to desire the right men, it’s ok to love conscious sex, it’s ok to want good sex, it’s ok to be sexy and bold and ambitious and brave and courageous and strong and speak up your heart!


It’s ok to be you and being you is your gift to the world!



It’s ok to fall in love and it’s ok to fall out of love! With every experience you gain clarity but first you must know what you truly want. If you settle for less you are doing yourself a disservice.


Know your limits and surpass them, know your strengths and surpass them, know yourself and embrace that! 



Your love is deep, but don’t let the depth blind you, know the game and play with your rules.


Never apologise for speaking your truth, never apologise for setting boundaries and knowing where you stand, never ever apologise for saying what you mean and never apologise for being yourself, messy and confused, clear and determined and beautiful in all your flaws.



It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to want to hit someone in the balls, it’s ok to hate, it’s ok to feel all the emotions but remember, everything is there for you to become the Queen of your life so face the emotions and realise that YOU ARE GODDESS CONSCIOUSNESS and you always win! 

Rise and walk your path with pride and all your beauty.  

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