How to prevent “burn-out”.

We live in a fast paced world, filling our days with to do lists and sleeping 5 to 6 hours because when you are chasing your dreams you know that time matters and time flies.

But let me tell you something, these last couple of days maybe because of the hour change or maybe because I am sleeping 5 hours per day while working out, a full time job and my own projects…I got confused, made mistakes in my social media updates, basically thought it was Tuesday when it was Wednesday and felt I was floating and getting sick.


So today I decided to sleep until my body said enough is enough. Life will continue spinning round, the world will still be out there and my results will be positively rewarded if I am in a better state of mind than if I am pushing beyond my limits every single second of the day.

Go for what you want ruthlessly, chase those dreams and make things happen, breakthrough your mental barriers and challenge yourself to get out of the box because there is no box!

To do that you have to be in peak performance level and it’s all in the mind, if your mind is right everything else follows.


Make sure you are taking care of your inner world and the outside world will be easier to conquer.

So at least once a week allow your body to rest and recover fully, to enjoy the pleasure of a cozy bed and the sun rays shining through the window while you refuse to leave the blankets because they feel sooooo dammm good over your skin.

And you will see how you kill it in the gym after, how your work results show a more clear and present you, how your confidence boosts and life feels more like the adventure it actually is than the never-ending must have, must do that it can become if we loose our connection.


My tips are:

  • opening the window as soon as I wake up to let the fresh air in
  • do my bed
  • drink a full glass of water
  • shower
  • meditation
  • gym or yoga (shower again lol)
  • breakfast
  • set 3 intentions for the day

After this the day starts with social media posts, mail updates, follow ups and engaging with the people around me but first things first and before anything else I must love myself to the core.

Life is about choices, being healthy is a choice, not drinking alcohol is a choice, not smoking is a choice, eating vegan is a choice, having healthy boundaries is a choice, treating your body as a temple is a choice, keeping your space and mind clean is a choice, taking care of your body and sexuality is a choice, being you is a choice.

What are you choosing today?

If you’d like to find out more about my programmes and how can I help you achieve the success you deserve, if you want to see what’s been holding you back all this time email me to and let’s talk so that I can give you 30minutes of my time, some advice and a plan to move forward. 



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