My passion is empowering you to reach your highest potential while I make my vision a reality.


“Working with Arya has challenged me more than I had anticipated but I could not be happier that she reached out to me. She has allowed me to be able to look into my emotions and thoughts to see what is holding me back and has been a positive light not only to my business, but more importantly to my personal development and beliefs. I have never been able to express my feelings and doing so has really put them into perspective.  It has, at times, been emotional but I have made so much progress and I have taken some very big steps with Arya’s guidance.  I am very grateful for her patience, persistence and belief in me.”

Catherine Wishart – Personal trainer (Central London)

A big fan of yours

“Arya is wise enough to know her mission in this universe and brave enough to follow it with reckless abandon. Arya is passionate, fearless, wise, and has an unrelenting fire in her soul that lights up everything she does. I’m proud to call Arya a friend, colleague, and a constant source of inspiration to get better every day.”

Josh Bolding – Vivolife co-founder

A big fan of yours

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