‘Actively decide and create who you are tapping into your strengths. Never allow others to tell you who to be. Discover your passion and follow it as the person you create and live a life of passion and freedom.’ Dave Asprey, Game Changers


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Before ARYA BADIA became a social media sensation for empowering women and inspiring others to be ‘fearless’ all over the world, she had her share of challenges to overcome. From being brought up in a fanatic misogynist cult, to being home schooled and joining a female only ultra catholic school at 12 , which led to social adaptability challenges, being alone and bullied, to being verbally and physically abused as a child, to ending up broke in her sister’s living room, Arya’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the challenges in their life and turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Fast forward a few years, and Arya is a trailblazer building a growing community of more than 11k followers, around her passions and strengths, Verified Fearless, (launched in April 2019), with the vision to become a movement of like-minded people connected by music & creativity who want to educate and elevate consciousness, empowering feminine energy to solve the problem of poverty on the planet, touching 5 billion lives by 2029 or earlier. She is a lifestyle entrepreneur, visionary, model, prosperity & life coach, fitness competitor, blogger, psychonaut and entertainer. She runs the Fearless Blog where she interviews leaders with guests of the likes of Hayley Herms, Angela Gargano, Mike Sygula and Tiffany Cheung, amongst others.


How many times have you shrunk yourself just in case your spark was too much, too loud, too of something and the people in the room might not understand or judge it? 

How many times have you told yourself today is the day and you continued to play small? 

Everything is just that, a story. A story you keep telling yourself why you can’t have what you really really want. 

It’s time to write a new one. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY.

Arya Badia


A Letter from The God of Your Heart

Why did I believe that there is a God outside of me with the power to either bless me or punish me instead of taking ownership of my powers and understanding that my thoughts create my reality?

When you have lived your whole life asking others for opinion and thinking that “they” know better it takes some time and practice to embrace the Truth that comes from within and not from what someone else says it should be.

And that is the journey I wish all of us to take, one where we own our story and take the reins, being the unique beings we are here to be, something that no robot, no AI, no replicant and no other human being can be but you.

You and your own perception of reality are the real gifts to the world. I truly hope that you get inspired and find a way to share it with the world.

And this I take it personally as if the Universe/My Higher Self just wrote a letter for you and for me through these fingers.

In awe.

Continues in the Fearless Blog.


“Working with Arya has allowed me to be able to look into my emotions and thoughts to see what is holding me back and has been a positive light not only to my business, but more importantly to my personal development and beliefs. It has, at times, been emotional but I have made so much progress and I have taken some very big steps with Arya’s guidance.  I am very grateful for her patience, persistence and belief in me. ”

— Catherine Wishart

“Although quietly confident with my abilities, theres always been something holding me back to take my career up to the next level. Arya introduced me to a completely new way of thinking and allowed me to break through some personal barriers. She also helped me put in place some positive next steps to start making changes. Would definitely recommend a exploratory conversation.”

— Anonymous Media Executive