‘Actively decide and create who you are tapping into your strengths. Never allow others to tell you who to be. Discover your passion and follow it as the person you create and live a life of passion and freedom.’ Dave Asprey, Game Changers



Before Arya became a social media sensation for inspiring others to be fit & ‘fearless’ all over the world, she had her share of challenges to overcome. Arya’s story is the perfect example of how anybody can turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Fast forward a few short years, and Arya is a fitness influencer, Thrive Global contributor and host of the Verified Fearless podcast where she is inviting trailblazers, rule-breakers, innovators, business leaders, and inspiring speakers to share with us their message, insights, wins and failures. The goal is to disrupt the way we think by connecting diverse fields and learn our way to success.

“If you do not give 110% in your life, I promise your life will haunt you for the rest of your days. Time is the most valuable asset on earth, a depreciating asset. Don’t waste another moment of life where you are not at  your fullest potential getting the most out of the time you have in life.” Greg Plitt


How many times have you told yourself today is the day and you continued to play small? 

Everything is just that, a story. A story you keep telling yourself why you can’t have what you really really want. 

It’s time to write a new one. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY.

Arya Badia


The Power of Boundaries: How Being Selfish Can Help You Thrive and Heal

What I’ve learned through my experience is that as much we might have been beaten in the head to be nice and kind, people-pleasing will get you nowhere.

Boundaries are an interesting word and the simplest way I can explain it is: always put yourself and your needs first and before anyone else’s no matter how hard it feels.

Otherwise, you regret things, you resent people and you beat yourself up for not getting what you want.

A few days ago in the tube, I saw a book launch announcement on a billboard and it said something like this: “Some are born into power and others take it.”

Love yourself before you love anyone else. Everything you see in others exists in you. What you admire you can achieve. What you respect you can accomplish. What you desire its already yours.

“How do you find self-love?You dig. You isolate and you ache from being lonely. You heal. You accept, you look in the mirror and see God.”  Malanda 

You. Must. Take. Your. Power. Back.

From what’s expected from you, from what you think you should do, from what you have been told you are capable of, from what others think is right, from what you think will fit, from what you think needs to be done for you to achieve something.

Boundaries are learned and reprogrammed. Why? Because if you want something more out of life than what you are told you are supposed to have then you will, you must, behave accordingly.

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” Brené Brown

For me boundaries are essential for many reasons, the main one being that my inner circle is tight, the people allowed in are few and in between for many reasons and my space is untouchable. However I’ve had to learn about this, I’ve had to love myself enough to say no and to learn to let go.

What’s for me will always circle back and find it’s way to me. What’s not for me will pass, teach me and move away. The more I grow, the more I raise, the stronger I become, I understand that it’s never about them, who or why, it’s always about me.

Like a whisper in my core: it’s you or them? What do you choose?

And I will always choose me.

Yes, it can get lonely.

Yes, it is tough.

Yes, there are secondary effects.

Yes, you must ask for help if you need it.

But always remember that your happiness and wellbeing comes before anybody else’s.

You teach people how to treat you.

What you tolerate sets the tone of how people will behave around you.

Only a ruler gets the right to determine the world they live in.

Your inner kingdom, you are the master, you are the alchemist, you are the Sun and this is your world.

When things get blurry and my mind starts playing games clinging to situations that are not on my best interest, people who are supposed to leave, to outcomes that aren’t what I expected or wanted, when the shadows play around and try to confuse me, I zoom out, from the places, from the people, zoom out from the city, the country and then the planet. The same way you zoom out on Google Maps, I see the world, the planet, the planets, the Universe and I remember, I remember who I am and then I can come back and laugh. 

This doesn’t mean I stop wanting what I want, it only means I know healing will take time, I understand my cravings, desires and the hunger of the flesh, I can observe and detach myself, feel whatever it is that needs to be felt and move on.

Being present isn’t easy, my advice? Take it one day at a time.

Have a powerful why and it doesn’t matter what your why is as long as it helps you. Some might say be selfless, I say fuck that, be selfish as fuck. Put your needs and wants before anything else, you don’t have to justify what you see to anyone else, risk walking on your own, risk leaving the pack, risk being ostracised, risk being called out, risk being insulted, risk it all, risk everything for a dream only you might see, and the right people will find you, everything will take care of itself, you just need to commit it all, body, mind, soul, your whole spirit should be focused on one thing, that thing you know you can’t live without.

Boundaries feel like walls when you aren’t used to saying no.

They feel weird when you don’t want to seem confrontational.

They feel bad when you are used to be a nice girl/boy.

Remember that good girls and boys finish last.

Mind shift: I don’t need the world. The world needs me.

Watch how reality starts to morph. It’s always working out in your favor. Even when things are falling apart, they are just coming together.

Continues in Thrive.


“Find out who you are and be that person. That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come.”

Ellen DeGeneres